Mid Year State of the Group

Mid Year State of the Group

Jul 11 Rob  
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So it’s mid year and normally I do the whole half yearly update of where the group is at and all that jazz.. you know that essay post that no one likely reads ;).. Not going to be a real big one this year just a quick run down.. we’ll go over the full year in dec

  1. Since decemember we’ve been consitantly about 3 – 4 months ahead of the curve on our required funding for keeping the server running.. While most people just jump on and use the various servers the core group are the ones whom make certain that I can keep the lights on so to speak. That’s why we tend to get grumpy when people mess with our fun The server costs us with out going into specifics 400ish dollars every 3 months, that doesn’t include the incidentals like domain names, software licensing when we need it etc… I am very grateful that people like being around here enough to help keep those lights on.
  2. New people, we’ve had a few.. some talk, some don’t that’s life, some have become core members, welcome to all of those people.
  3. Missions, as always there is the waxxing and waning of the mission cycle, I know people like the structured missions we run on Saturdays at times but they aren’t always the quickest things to make. That’s why at times we don’t run them, well that and my health given that typically i need to make em run
  4. Persia, Syria, the rewrite™️ etc. This time 6 months ago you likely saw all the talk about the rewrite for Persia, the upcoming Syria ‘CAS/COIN’ map etc… and are if your not core group possibly wondering what/where/why they aren’t here. Those whom pay attention know that about 4 or so months ago I had a PSU decide it wanted to terminate itself, it did so by blowing out it’s primary transformer, but not before it shorted the 12v and 5v rails on one of the sata lines.. This led to damage to a HDD which led to a near fire and the destruction of 5 Terrabytes of data… a small chunk of that was DCS related..
    Because of this things went on the backburner, trust me when you loose 6+ months worth of coding and tweaking you really get pissed off. Thankfully Persia Aflame (the current version) has continued to run reasonably well with only me needing to paper over some cracks that happen with DCS updates… On the Syria front, Hairy 🦅 is slowly working up a mission that we hope will eventually one day MOOOve its way onto a server for more then a evening for people to enjoy.. But as he’s coming to appreciate, DCS mission making is.. well to call it a bitch is being nice. On Persia.. planning and small code segment rewrites for a larger rewrite are starting.. I have decided i’d rather make myself a ‘frame work’ of items that i can reuse this time around then specific code over and over and over again.
  1. Servers.. you’ll notice we have 3 (occasonally 4) servers up at times, this is in part thanks to the Sock which lets us run the NTTR map for those whom wish to fly on the range. Our other server continues to run our main mission and as mentioned above has it’s lights on until at least november at this time.
  2. DCS….. DCS is DCS.. you all know that.
  3. Other games, At times we still look at other games and any one is welcome to come and play when we do the big ones seem to be Borderlands 3 at the moment but I know some of the guys want to get back into Squad and I play a mix of Stellaris and a few others if people are interested. We are also looking a but it will depend on interest and other factors bringing up a Falcon 4 BMS server again if people are interested in such a thing.

Anyway this non essay is almost an essay again..

Happy mid year and enjoy the next 6 months and again thank you to every one whom comes and flies with me..
It’s humbling to know you enjoy it enough to want to come back

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Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website http://robgraham.info

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