COMBAT/Standard Brevity

COMBAT/Standard Brevity

Dec 09 Rob  
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TGW uses a ‘hybrid’ mix of Brevity as it’s standard system of short hand rather then a single source, though most of it is based on the NATO standards. To keep every one on at least roughly the same page this shortened version of our brevity is given and should be used unless specified otherwise.

  • ABORT – Cease current action/attack
  • ACTION – Initiate a briefed attack or manuver (eg Action Left 220)
  • system Active (location/direction) Emitter is active and located at the direction.
  • ALARM – Cease EMCOM
  • ALPHA CHECK – Request for or confirmation of Bearing and Range to a given point (eg ALPHA CHECK FROM BULLS)
  • ANCHORED <location> – Orbiting/Onstation at the current point.
  • ANGELS – Altitude in thousands of feet.
  • AS FRAGGED – Will be performing assigned Tasking Order
  • ATTACKING – Directive/informative call indicating strike aircraft are committed to air-tosurface delivery on a specific ground target.
  • AUTHENT – Authenticate if comms security is being used.
    (weapon) AWAY – Release/launch of specified weapon.
  • AZIMUTH – A picture label describing two GROUPs separated laterally.
  • BANDIT – An aircraft identified as an enemy in accordance with (IAW) theater ID criteria. The term does not necessarily imply direction or authority to engage.
  • BEAM/BEAMING (direction) Target is between 70 – 110 degree’s aspect.
  • (System) BENT – System is inoperative or broken.
  • BINGO – Minimum fuel state hit for RTB.
  • BITTERSWEET – Possible Blue on Blue has occurred.
  • BIRD – Friendly surface-to-air missile (SAM
  • BLIND – No visual contact with a friendly unit.
  • BLOW THROUGH – Directive/informative call that aircraft will continue straight ahead at the merge and not become ANCHORED with target(s)
  • BOGEY – Radar or Visual contact that is of unknown Identity
  • BOGEY DOPE – Request to AWACS/GCS for closest Bandit’s BRAA.
  • BRAA – Tactical information giving a targets Bearing, Range, Altitude and Aspect relative to a friendly aircraft.
  • BRACKET (direction) – Directive call to maneuver to a position on opposing sides, either laterally or vertically from the target.
  • BREVITY – Directive call indicating the radio frequency is becoming saturated, degraded or jammed and briefer transmissions must follow.
  • BREAK (Direction) – Direction to perform a maximum performance turn in the given direction, normally also to go defensive.
  • BRUISER – Any ASM based weapons.
  • BUDDY LOCK (BRAA) – Acknowledging a Buddy Spike call.
  • BUDDY SPIKE (BULLS) – RWR is indicating that you are locked by a possible friendly Aircraft, a position in BULLS with Heading and altitude should be given.
  • BUGOUT/BEATFEET – Seperate from the engagement with no intention to re-engage
  • BULLSEYE – An established reference point from which the position of an object can be referenced.
  • BUSTER – Directive to fly at maximum continuous speed (normally burners)
  • BUSTERING – Acknowledging/Stating that you are currently at Maximum Continous Speed.
  • CAP/CAPPING – Establish a Combat Air Patrol at the location or already in a Combat Air Patrol at the location
  • CAPTURED – Identified and Locked onto a given air to ground target with an onboard sensor (normally a TGP)
  • CBU – Cluster munition
  • CEASE ENGAGEMENT – A fire control order used to direct units to stop the firing sequence against a designated target. Guided missiles already in flight will continue to intercept.
  • CEASE FIRE – Do not open fire/Discontinue firing. If Weapons are in flight complete intercept; Continue to track targets.
  • CHECK (# left/right degrees) – Turn (number) degrees left or right and maintain new heading.
  • CHECK FIRE/CHECK FIRING – Directive call to cease firing immediately.
  • CHERUBS – Altitude in hundreds of feet.
  • CHICKS – Friendly Aircraft
  • CLEAN – Currently not under threat or has no Radar contacts; Has no Battle Damage; has no external stores.
  • CLEARED – Requested action is authorised.
  • CLEARED HOT – Ordnance release is authorised.
  • CLOAK – Directive/informative call to switch from normal/overt external lighting to covert NVD only compatible lighting.
  • CLOSING – Decrease in range.
  • COLD – Target is moving away from AC.
  • COMEOFF (direction)- Direction to maneuver as indicated. Normally to either support, deconflict etc.
  • COMMIT/COMMITTED <BULLS/BRA>- Fighter intent to engage or intercept target, Controller will continue to give information
  • CON/CONNING – Threat Aircraft leaving contrails.
  • CONTACT – Sensor contact at the stated position, Acknowledges sighting of a specified reference point.
  • CONTINUE – Continue present maneuvar, does not authorise engagement or release of ordnance.
  • CONTINUE DRY – Do not release ordnance.
  • CRANK (DIRECTION) – F-Pole maneuver in the direction indicated; implies illuminating target at radar GIMBAL limits.
  • DASH (#)/# – indicates AC in flight. Eg Dash 2 go spread, 2 go spread.
  • DEADEYE – Airborne Laser malfunction/inop.
  • DECLARE (BULLS/BRAA) – Request AWACS Indent of specific target.
  • DEFENSIVE – Speaker is under attack, engaged, maneuvering defensively, and unable to ensure deconfliction or mutual support.
  • DE-LOUSE – Directive to clean out either a specific airspace or the area behind a specific A/C.
  • DROP/DROPPING – Stop an active track on a target and resume search.
  • ENGAGE – A fire control order used to direct or authorize units and/or weapon systems to fire on a designated target.
  • ENGAGED – Informative call from a fighter maneuvering with the intent to kill and used to establish support roles in the visual arena. Implies fighter is offensive/neutral with respect to the nonfriendly aircraft .
  • EXTEND(ING) (Direction) – Short-term maneuver to gain energy, distance, or separation, normally with the intent of reengaging.
  • FADED – Radar Contact that has been lost.
  • FAST – Target speed is estimated to be 600 – 900 knots /mach 1 – 1.5 ground speed.
  • FEET WET/DRY – Flying over water/land.
  • FENCE IN/OUT – Set switches as required for combat operations.
  • FLOW(Direction) – Directive call to fly stated heading.
  • FOX 1 – Semi Active Radar Guided Missile Launched.
  • FOX 2 – IR Missile Launched.
  • FOX 3 – Active radar Missile Launched.
    FOX THREE/ SECOND FOX 3 – Simulated or actual launch of multiple active radar-guided missiles on the same target.
    FOX 3 (X) Ship Valid missile shot against (x) separate targets (assumes 1 missile per target).
  • FOX 4 – Hostile / Friendly AIRCRAFT in question has plowed into the ground.
  • FRIENDLY – Positive ID of a FRIENDLY contact.
  • FURBALL – Turning fight with more then 1 A/C on each side.
  • GBU AWAY – Release of a GBU style weapon.
  • GIMBLE <DIRECTION> – RADAR or TGP Target is about to hit the limits.
  • GOGGLE/DEGOGGLE – Directive call to put on/take off NVDs
  • GOGGLES On/Off – Informative call that NVDs are on/off
  • GRAND SLAM – All hostile aircraft that were assigned have been eliminated.
  • GREEN (direction) – Direction determined to be clearest of enemy Air to Air Activity allowing for disengagement.
  • GROUP – Any number of air contacts within 3 NM in azimuth or range of each other.
  • GUNS – a Guns employment is underway.
  • HARD (Direction) – High-G, energy sustaining 180 degree turn (or as directed) in the indicated direction
  • HEADS UP – Be alert somethings around.
  • HOLD FIRE – Do not engage any further, terminate all current missiles etc.
  • HOME PLATE – Home base/Carrier
  • HOOK (LEFT/RIGHT) – Initate a Hook turn (in place) 180.
  • HOSTILE – Contact is ID’d as an enemy on which you may engage per ROE.
  • HOT – Referenced Target is currently heading towards AC.
  • ID – Get the ID of a target.
  • IN (Direction) – Informative call that you are turning into a target EG IN from the NW.
  • INTERROGATE – run an IFF.
  • JOKER – Minimum fuel state hit for RTB while maintaining a reserve.
  • JUDY – Has either Radar or Visual contact on a target and has taken control of the intercept. Requires only SA information unless otherwise requested.
  • KILL – Clearance to fire/engage target.
  • LASER ON – Turn Laser designater on.
  • LASING – Laser is currently firing.
  • LOCKED – hard lock on a target (STT presumed)
  • MADDOG – FOX 3 with out radar guidance from the AC firing it has been launched.
  • MAGNUM – HARM or other ANTI-RADIATION MISSILE has been fired.
  • MARK – a smoke, laser pointer or other item used to guide to a target.
  • MARKING – Friendly Aircraft releasing Contrails
  • MISSILE, MISSILE, MISSILE – call to AC on FREQ that a hostile missile has been launched with out knowing who against.
  • MUD <Type> <direction>- Indication on the RWR of a ground threat eg MUD SPIKE 4 O’CLOCK.
  • NAILS <Type> <Direction> – Radar warning of Air Radar in search. Type and direction are given if shown. Eg NAILS MIG 29’s 12 O’CLOCK.
  • NAKED – No RWRS indications.
  • NO FACTOR – Not a threat to your Aircraft.
  • NO JOY – No visual contact with target
  • NOTCH/NOTCHING – attempting hinder radar guided missiles tracking by placing it at the 9/3 o’clock position.
  • OFF (DIRECTION) informative call that an attack has been completed/terminated and ac is moving to indicated direction eg HOG11 OFF SOUTH.
  • ON STATION – At assigned station.
  • PADLOCKED – Unable to take eyes off target with out risking loosing tally/visual.
  • PAVEWAY – Laser Guided Munitions.
  • PICTURE – Tactical Situation.
  • PIG(s) – Friendly Glide Weapon (ie JSOWS)
  • PITBULL – informative call that a FOX 3 missile has gone to self guidance.
  • PLAYTIME <MINUTES/HOURS> – Amount of time an A/C can remain on station.
  • POP – starting a climb for Air to Ground attack.
  • POPUP – informative of contact that has appeared suddenly on radar.
  • POSIT – request for current position, respond with position that can be used as a common reference point. Eg HOG11 POSIT, HOG11 IS BULLS 221 for 15 Angels 12.
  • PRESS – Continue attack mutual support will be maintained, caller will assume a supportive role.
  • PUSH (CHANNEL) – Go to designated freq.
  • RAYGUN (BULLS/HEADING/ALT)- Indicates a lock and requests a Buddy Spike from friendly AC meeting params.
  • REPEAT – Do the last attack again.
  • RIFLE – AGM launch, primarly a AGM-65.
  • ROGER – Transmission Received.
  • SAM (DIRECTION) – Visual Acq of a SAM or a SAM Launch.
  • SNIPER – HARM launch against a Range Known or Pre-Briefed target.
  • SORT/SORTED – Directive to assign responsibility of targets eg 2 SORT HIGH or 2 SORT TRAILER. SORTED is the response that the SORT has been met.
  • SPLASH – Informative call that a weapon has hit.
  • SPOT – Acquisition of a laser marker.
  • TALLY – Visual site of a target, bandit or bogey (opposite of No Joy)
  • TEN SECONDS – Directive to inform that a laser needs to be turned on in 10 seconds.
  • THREAT (Direction) un-targeted hostile, bandit or bogey in the direction from friendly.
  • TIED – Positive radar contact with element/ac.
  • UNABLE – Can not comply with request or as directed.
  • VISUAL – Sighting of friendly AC/Ground units opposite of BLIND.
  • WILCO – Will comply.

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