2023 – 6 years of TGW.

Nov 03 Rob  
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I’m doing this one early again, we might end up with one around Christmas who knows, but technically November is the ‘end of the year’ for TGW as it was November we started. This years been interesting for me, while the group is steady and people are having fun its been draining on me with a lot of the small changes and adjustments that have had to go into keeping Persia running mostly because well DCS being DCS, and my own medical and real life issues (try living on a pension when it feels like your house is falling down around you.. trust me its stressful at times). This has at times led me to be burnt out something the Core group know and have told me basically ‘just let thing be and enjoy flying again’ which is something that I’ve been trying to do. At the same time I’ve also been well trying to keep our servers from falling on their asses when things like 2.9 release that cause headaches and a half!

All that said we’ve not done too bad this year, I know we’ve not had as many mission nights as any of us would hope but between work, family, Health and other items Goose and I have been at times unable to get as many stand alone missions done as we would like. Still I do hope that most people have had fun on the nights when we’ve been able to run missions.

On the afore mentioned Persia front, it’s been great to have Myoclonic Jerk, Spadly and occasionally Host 1-1 | Ren as Redfor, they know their goal is not to ‘win’ but to make things interesting for blue, and they do that.. Once again we’re pushing on a year since the last big reset which is largely in part thanks to their efforts in keeping things interesting in the A.O regions. (One day DCS might fix their shit and we can go back to FULL MAP warfare!!)

So looking forwards to 2024 what do we have happening?

Well for a start the group will have been fully in it’s current form for 6 years as of well this month, that’s a long time for anything and I am grateful for every one who has been along for the ride so far, the concept of this group started in November 2017 when the original core left RAAF Virtual after disagreeing with the course that group was on, We’ve had our own ups and downs along the way, like any group of people some times we butt heads and some times we see personalities clash and people walk their own ways. But as I’ve recently been hit over the head with a bat by certain people being told, if I didn’t do something right, and make something people enjoy well this place wouldn’t still be here.

I hope that we can see some of the larger numbers happening again with people flying its some of the best times on the server. I am also looking at getting things like the Valley run happening more often, attempts to get some friendly BFM fights going once a month maybe and of course maybe Eagle 1-1 | Hairy 🦅 will finish up his syria mission 😛 (hint i’m not holding my breath!!! I’d be dead a year over at this point 😉🙂🙂 ) But look we all hope to continue to bring you some great things in 2024, as long as life allows us to. It’s been though a great honor to watch this group grow and change over the last 6 years, to watch youngsters grow up into adults who have learnt great tastes in music from TGW radio, to seeing people become engaged or having new life join the family or even just watching Dad’s enjoying time in DCS with their kids. I hope that we can see it continue for another 6 years, but at least another 4! And we need to get the group together in person some day.

Peace out, Remember it’s a hobby and thanks again for just.. every one being who you are.


About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website http://robgraham.info

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