T101: Introduction to Formation and the Flight.

Jul 21 Rob  
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The following is the briefing packet for the Introduction Training flight. This flight is designed to be run on a training night or with at least an instructor and 1-3 other people, while this packet is designed for the Hornet, it can be applied to any other Fighter easily. We expect that Pilots know the basics of Flying the Hornet.

Mission Goals

  • Impart a basic understanding of Formation Flying
  • Introduce basic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
  • Introduce Brevity.

Mission Success Criteria

  • Maintaining Basic formation with Instructor
  • Being able to say what the SOP for a ‘standard’ departure is.


  • Tiger1 – Primary Training flight of 2 – 4 F18’s
  • Texaco11 – TANKER on 253 UHF 1X TACAN.


Homeplate: N41:55.917 E041:52.583 
WP1: 068 8 0.65m 15,000ft N41:58.090 E042:03.294
WP2: 285 36 0.69m 15,000ft N42:05.427 E041:36.190
WP3: 182 18 290CAS 15,000ft N41:43.536 E041:31.561
WP4: 148 20 0.87m 15,000ft N41:54.148 E041:42.683 
Homeplate: 070 8 250CAS 1,500ft, N41:55.917 E041:52.583


  • Kobuleti – 133.0
  • Training Freq: 131.50
  • Texaco: 253.0 1x
  • Overlord: 251, LINK 20.


Rules of Engagement: Training/Weapons Safe modes only, no Active Killing during this flight.

Harddeck: Not Applicable

Knock Off Call: Not Applicable

Knock Off Reset: Not Applicable

Fuel Plan:
Bingo: 4,000 Joker: 2,000

Fuel Management: On Bingo RTB.

Loadout: 1 x Belly Tank.

Pre-Taxi: – Enter WP Data into AC, Load AC when ready move forwards from Inital start point
Taxi: Taxi By Element.
Takeoff: Standard 2 ship.
Rejoin: All AC will rejoin at WP1.
Formation: Instructor should take time to introduce formation types, including fingertip and spread. Introduce Turns and other Items and use the airspace between WP 2 and 3 as required.
Tanking: Not Applicable.
Recovery: Recovery will be standard Initial and Pitch back into Kobuleti.

Other information

This flight is the introduction flight for new members and aims to get them at least some what comfortable with formation flying, it does not include combat as it is intended as a fam style flight and also so that Instructors can gauge how comfortable a person is with their AC. During this flight formation turns etc should be kept simple.

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