Operation Persian Dawn

Operation Persian Dawn

Dec 08 Rob  
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Planned Date: Friday or Saturday Dec 13/14 Express Interest in DISCORD

Due to the recent re-initiation of trade sanctions against Iran by the US and other Coalition nations, Iran has fast tracked the retooling of it’s factories for Nuclear development.
Due to the Stennis being unable to act at the current time, having suffered damage during the previous assault while transiting into the gulf, Coalition Joint Command has authorised a rapid strike against one of the facilities that has been confirmed as having been retooled deep within Iran’s territory.

Target Area Sat Image.

Coalition forces are arrayed for a rapid strike against a factory that has vital components towards the nuclear program, as such Shogun 1 strike against the target a complex located deep behind the border the primary aim is the destruction of the Factory, Warehouse’s and Staff Quarters, anything else is considered Targets of Op.

The primary Package will consist of 3 Elements:

  • Shogun1 – A Flight of 4 F/A-18C Hornets for the Primary Strike.
  • SpringField1 – A Flight of 2 F/A-18C Hornets for SEAD and EWR Suppression.
  • Pontiac5 – A flight of 4 F-16C Lot 50 Vipers as Escort.

Support Elements for the Primary Package include:

  • Texaco11 – A KC135MPRS tanker that will be on station for top off before entering hostile air space. 5X – 254.
  • ARCO – A KC135 on 14Y Channel 256.
  • Overlord – A E-3A Flying AWAC patrol. – 255
  • Multiple packages flying CAP and Escort for tankers.

A second strike package will enter the AO from a Western attack run for a strike on a suspected Command and Control facility to the East of the main package’s target, while BONE and BUFF strikes are also inbound into the region.

SHOGUN1 Flight Plan and Briefing

Shogun 1 Flight Plan

Shogun 1’s primary attack route is from the South West using a hole that is expected to be punched in the EWR radar by Springfield1, this hole should allow Shogun 1 to enter the airspace and proceed low level to the target AO at which time they will release GBU31’s onto their assigned targets before egressing via a southern route that will if all goes to plan have a BARCAP in place to protect them. After successful egress all units will proceed back to primary base or if unable to Min Had.

WP1 Bullseye,
WP 2 Marshal point for all flights before proceeding.
WP 3 pre ingress Refueling point at 16,000 Tacan 1x.
WP 4 western hole that should be punched if the EWR is taken out.
WP 5 Low level Entry Point.
WP 6 IP Point 10nm Aprox to target.
WP 7 Primary Target
WP 8 – 13 Secondary Targets
WP 14 – Egress Point
WP 15 – Fence out RTB.

Shogun 1 should be aware that WP 7 – 13 are all Programmed to be target points.

SHOGUN1’s load out is as follows:

2 x AIM9x
2 x GBU31V3/B
2 x FPU-8A 300 Gal Fuel tanks
2 x AIM 120C
1 x TGP.

SPRINGFIELD1 Flight Plan and Briefing

Springfield 1 consists of a flight of 2 F/A-18C hornets to provide SEAD protection, it has 2 primary mission goals.

  1. Destroy the TWO EWR radars protecting the WESTERN route into the AO, punching a hole for the primary strike package.
  2. Protecting the primary strike package from Surface to Air threats during the run into and out of the target.

WP 1 Bulls.
WP 2 Rally/Marshal Point.
WP 3 Tanker
WP 4 and 5 are the EWR Radar points.
WP 6 Low Level Entry.
WP 7 Primary Package Target
WP 8 Egress
WP 9 Fence Out RTB.

Springfield 1 Loadout is:
2 x AIM9X
2 x AGM-88C
2 x AGM-65E
2 x AIM-120C
1x FPU-8A Fuel Tank.

Pontiac 5/Springfield 2 Briefing

Pontiac 5 is a flight of up to 4 F-16C Lot 50 Vipers while Springfield 2 is a flight of F-18’s to provide Air escort they follow a simplified version of SHOGUN1’s Flightplan.

Pontiac’s Loadout is:
4 x AIM-120C
2 x AIM-9X
3 x Fuel Tanks.

Additional Mission Information

Overlord will broadcast WOMBAT, WOMBAT, WOMBAT on confirmed impact on the NORTH WESTERN EWR, while ECHO ECHO ECHO will confirm the Eastern (Different package).

Overlord is on 255AM\

Texaco (WESTERN) – KC135MPRS orbit XH -XJ 17000ft 270knots 5X UHF 254
SHELL (EASTERN) – KC135 Orbit DN – DP 17,000ft 270knots 6X UHF 253
ARCO – KC135 orbit YG BM 15000 270knots 14X UHF 256

USS Stennis is 54X and 127.5
USS Tarawa 58X 127.5

Comm Card

Current Flight Assignments

Springfield21 ESCORTOceanF18

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