Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 05 Rob  
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Server Questions

Q. What maps are used?
A. We use Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Nevada and eventually we will be using Syria..

Q. Is it always Winter when iberia is running?
A. No, the ‘month’ changes to match within about a week or so the month as it is in reality, so currently at the time of posting the date on the server is 1st January 2020. About mid – late january it will switch to a random date in Feb. etc

Q. Is it always Day time on the servers?
A. No,

Q. I got shot while starting up at Sukhimi/Gudauta/<insert X> Airfield how is that fair!
A. There are how many slots on the server? How many options trust me unless one side has like 20+ slots and has taken out every sam you can MOVE to another airbase. Get over it we advertise PVP/PVE and we mean that, there is no ‘Spawn Protection’ zones, this is a simulation of a war, that means you can be shot and killed at any time, place etc.

Q. John doe / Jane doe is shoting up friendlies can I kill them?
A. No, the server will kick ban if they violate it too much and you can always report the name to admin staff.. and we will deal with it, IF YOU shoot them then your Blue/Blue or Red/Red and are equally as guilty.

Q. John/Jane Doe quit right before I shot them down what gives?
A. It’s a Online Game? We can’t police when people choose to quit. If it happens too much we will look at talking to a user but some times things happen.

Q. Datalink keeps messing up do something WWAAHHH
A. I CAN NOT, Go complain to EAGLE DYNAMICS, it’s a Bug with THEIR Software not the mission.

Q. No ones ever on TS/SRS/whatever..
A. Check in DISCORD, there are some of us who use srs but given most don’t use it atm we kinda forget we even have it open, Teamspeak is a backup for discord these days

Q. I can’t see anything on discord this sucks.
A. If you noticed in the welcome channel the bot asked you some questions, respond in that channel to those questions with !dcs !join or !rules. 😉

Q. OMFG the ping rate to the server is shit house 250ms wtf?
A. The server is hosted in an OVH DATACENTER in Sydney, the rate you get on the DCS match maker/server browser isn’t always the real rate. Most of our users see sub 30ms ping rates, but given that conditions can change (at the time of writing fires ravaging the country) congestion can happen. ping or tracert to and see what your ping is at.

Q. The server seems to suddenly do weird things, planes hovering in the sky etc. what gives?
A. Report this stuff on discord please in the #bugreports channel. But normally it means for some reason the DCS Server process has hung. After about 360 seconds of this the server will automatically restart to get out of the process hung state. We are trying to see if we can find a correlation between any event and this happening, but it’s difficult.


  • Don’t land at a different airfield than you took off from and then re-spawn instead of repair. Why? Because of the assets/warehousing, it reduced an aircraft from that original spawn point. It’s OK to land back at the same airport and respawn as the aircraft has been ‘returned’, or to land at a different airport and repair, but not land at a different airport and then re-spawn at another as a ‘repair’ job.
  • Don’t use F10 in Spec mode. (This is considered cheating, and spectator is only turned on to allow viewing of bombs being dropped for streamers and video recorders).
  • Don’t move Aircraft Carrier fleet.
  • Only move Tarawa vessels near a location/base that has already being captured. Do not move near enemy occupied territory.
  • Only move supporting AI aircraft with marker commands – do not use CA for AI Aircraft. It breaks shit.
  • Don’t attempt to learn new things on the main server that could affect others. (aka – Combined Arms). Use the training server and/or own environment to become familiar.
  • Don’t move a lot of units at the same time with Combined Arms. (as it causes CPU performance issues and bogs down the server).
  • Don’t hunt down specific players on the server or bypass AI aircraft just to get a hit on a ‘real player’.
  • Don’t move another players spawned CTLD units without first checking with them that they’re happy for it to be moved while they are still online. If you are the only person whom is on, then any CTLD units are fair game unless they are against a FARP.
  • Do not move units away from FARPS.
  • Do not remove the last ARMED Vehicle from an Airbase, it’s HOLDING the base.
  • Don’t spam spawn SAM sites and MANPADS in the one location – especially near enemy airfields.

Member Questions

Q. Why is there ‘Core’ members and ‘Non Core’ members?
A. Core Members are those whom are considered the ‘Core’ of the TGW group, they are the ones whom Rob tends to listen to about direction of the server and also enjoy other games etc with him.

Q. How do I become a member of the core group?
A. By Invite, however Rob and the Admins look at how each person contributes or doesn’t contribute to the group, on if they get into ‘core’, you have to understand that the majority of the core group contributes to keeping the server up and running a cost of 170$AUD a month to the group. However that doesn’t meant that contributing to the server expenses will get you core access or that you only get into the group for contributing $$. We have a lot of the group whom are there because they are WHO make the group, the group we enjoy flying, playing games or just chatting together. One big thing is that no one in the Core Group will ever be under 18.

Q. How do I get a TGW Skin?
A. Fly with us a bit, you show up enough and fly with us enough you’ll get recongised as part of the team. Especially on Saturdays.

Q. Some one said something and Soufy or Rob went off… why?
A. Likely because some one said something that pushes the boundries a little too far, or possibly Rob was not feeling well. Understand that every person has baggage and that there are some things which are simply DO NOT go there in the group. Use some common sense, chances are people will drop you hints when your pushing the boundry BEFORE any one snaps at you. But if you do get snapped at, deal with it. If you think it was unfair, bring it up with one of the Admins they’ll tend to know if you’ve pushed to far (Unless it is an Admin in which case.. you already know to let it ride for a day and come talk after things cool off).

Q. Is Rob Graham the same Rob Graham whom did the stuff for RAAF Virtual or the PC-9 etc?
A. Yes.

Q. I was talking about something Military related and one of the Admins said I was to drop the subject. Why?
A. Because you where told to drop the subject. Understand we have a diverse range of people many whom may or may not be active members of defense forces or ex members and whom may not be able to talk about certain subjects. If your told to drop it.. just drop it.

Q. I found a bunch of bugs and there not fixed what gives?
A. Are they DCS Bugs or mission bugs? If there DCS bugs reporting them to Rob doesn’t do anything, Report them to Eagle Dynamics. If there mission bugs then it could be a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Limitations with DCS
  • Rob being the only one person and the person whom codes the main missions.
  • The complex nature of the mission scripts
  • Rob not being well
  • It being a ‘feature’ not a bug.

Q. I want to Contribute to keeping the server up and running how do I do that?
A. Ask Rob or an Admin in Discord.

Q. you said it costs 170$ a month to keep the server running how?
A. The server is running in the OVH Datacenter in Sydney, if you go and look you’ll find a GAME32 server costs around 120$ a month to rent, add in a 50$ Windows Server license fee, something required due to us being in a Datacenter and running a SERVER and you get the 170$ a month. Understand that server is:

  • Our Primary Web Server
  • Our 2 Primary DCS servers
  • ALL of our SRS Clients.
  • ALL of our bot clients.
  • Any other game we might choose to play at times like ARMA3 or SQUAD that isn’t being hosted by a player.

So it’s not ‘just’ a DCS server when you look at it in that sense. We simply can not rely on NBN connections or ADSL connections given that we have players from many different locations. OVH gives us a dedicated 1gb/s in pipe and a dedicated 250-500mbs out pipe that is garunteed, if they don’t deliver 99% uptime. They also offer us DDOS mitigation, 24/7 server monitoring, and a lot of other features and functions which are important to us keeping the server online and active. So While ‘Pricey’ it’s also the cheapest way.. And it’s a Rack that is 100% dedicated to US, no shared resources with other ‘virtual’ users.

Aircraft Skin Questions

Q. Can I have/Can I get x custom skin.
A. If it’s a Hornet I can still do it, if It’s anything else.. Unless it’s a customised TGW Viper Skin, No.

Q. Why not?
A. Because if you read through the discord channels after joining and doing !rules and !dcs you’ll realise that at the start of Feb 2021 Rob’s Computer blew up 5.5 or so TERRABYTES of data.. that included ALL of his DCS templates except for the F18 which was on dropbox.

Plus there are some Skins that @Razor 2-1 | BooZer {TGW} did and asking me for them is like yeah.. these are the older ‘Agressor’ 18’s (The red 154th Skins) and the SEA Viper. There are also skins that are just there for the purpose of allowing people to get all the skins used on the server in 1 spot, and I do not claim owner ship on them

Q. What are the skins TGW uses?
A. We use the Customised ‘TGW <callsign> or TGW Base or TGW Snacko’ skins specifically for when we are flying on saturdays.. Some of our guys use them during the week.. they are done for the Core group and for those whom have flown with us for a long period of time.

Q. Why does x have a skin and I don’t?
A. Time, there is 1 person who spends hours on these.. Rob, he also spends HOURS on the missions and making certain you have some place to play.. take a guess whom. Once the templates are done, @Goose/Mez some times will take over on helping make things but until then yeah.

Q. Can’t you just take x skin and mod it for me?
A. I personally won’t do that. There have been a few skins done like that by others, but I myself do all of mine from SCRATCH. Besides if you want to do that go grab the intel texture works dds files and just.. do it for yourself.

Q. Can I get your PSD files?
A. I don’t normally give those out to non core members.. not to mention there like 2 – 5gb in size..per Aircraft…. but I’ll think on it.

About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website

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