Persian Dawn – Post Mission Report.

Persian Dawn – Post Mission Report.

Dec 13 Rob  
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Shoguns line up for take off

In a daring raid Coalition forces launched multiple air assaults into Iran this morning, targets included C3I facilites, Air Defence platforms and we are told factories and facilities that are part of Iran’s nuclear program.

Checks and on brakes.

Australian forces launched in a pre-dawn raid consisting of four hornets piloted by Rob “Swampy” Graham, SixtyCal, Boozer and Py, who proceeded to their tanker point we do however we have reports of an incident and based on the formal complaint made by the USAF believe them to be true that an mid-air accident occurred during tanking. Reports state that after a successful refuelling of 2 RAAF hornets, during the refuelling of the next 2 a mid air collision took place critically damaging the left aileron of the KC-135.

Swampy in the basket.

Coalition forces regrouped however and proceeded on their planned strike, penetrating Iran airspace at nape of the earth level before pulling off a daring attack on the facilities. However post attack Recon suggests that the attack was only marginally successful with light damage to the target facility, damage to secondary buildings but nothing capable of rendering the plant unable to function.

shortly before the ‘incident’

During exfil from the AO the Hornets were engaged by Iran MIG-28’s, whom along with JF-17’s had recently engaged and defeated a number of F-16’s on seperate mission. We are told that ‘Swampy’ or as some call him ‘Pancake’ successfully engaged and destroyed one MIG-28 before proceeding out of the AO, however a MCC issue caused by a ‘Microsoft Windows Upgrade’ to the .net libraries that choose that moment to patch took Swampy out of the fight. Shortly there after a MIG-28 engaged and destroyed Boozer.

Mission not a success.

Shogun 2 and 4 however successfully RTB’d.

After landing conference.

Coalition forces are now currently looking at their options and awaiting the inevitable retaliation strike.

Mission Participants:
Shogun Lead: Rob “Swampy/Pancake” Graham
-2: Sixty Cal
-3: Boozer.
-4: Py

About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website


  • SixtyCal
    Dec 16, 2019 @ 18:44 pm

    Nice report Rob, pity we couldn’t do more damage to the target. I eagerly await the next mission

  • SixtyCal
    Dec 16, 2019 @ 18:46 pm

    Nice job with the report Rob. Pity we couldn’t do more damage to the target. I eagerly await the next mission.


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