Pre-Flight/Mission Prep

Pre-Flight/Mission Prep

Nov 29 Rob  
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The following are standard operating procedures designed to speed up mission time, they apply mainly for nights when structures missions are taking place.

  1. Ensure that you are on time for the mission, the time is typically advertised and if you need to have it changed or will be late give the mission planner a heads up so he/she knows and can arrange for you to be briefed etc before hand.
  2. Join the Discord or Teamspeak chat channel for the Briefing.
  3. If you have any questions during the briefing make certain you bring them up!
  4. Note down any mission targets, ROE’s, etc.
  5. Note any communication frequencies
  6. Note down who is going to be in your wing/coalition etc, what freq’s etc you need.
  7. Load into DCS and Join the server wait for it to be un-paused.

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