Caucasus Training Range

Caucasus Training Range

Feb 06 Rob  
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We have recently changed our primary Caucasus training map and updated it to a new version, this post covers the majority of the changes along with how to use the map.

The Caucasus Training Range is the main TGW Practice and Training map and has been designed to try and get the maximum amount of flexibility from the base Georgian map. When you join the Training Server we strongly recommend that you have SRS installed, we do not use DCS Voice and to be on our discord server.

In the F10 Map image attached we have added a lot of information on the F10 map (a reminder to those who don’t like seeing this all the time you can TURN off this layer using the little pencil on the top menu), The aim behind this was to add the equivalent of REAL airspace to the map anyone who has flown for real or on vatsim etc will instantly understand a lot of it for those who haven’t, what the map is now showing are things like if you look in the closer zoomed in image, Center Airspace, Restricted Airspace and Approach Airspace and Tower Airspace. You can see that each of these areas has a name a Communication Frequency and a Block Altitude all important information which we will cover Below.

So why is this information important?

Well this is showing you what Frequency you should be tuned to for SRS while your in that region of airspace and who you should be talking too if there is a controller on, or who you should be addressing if there is no controller and your running under CTAF rules.

So let’s take this one, Kobuleti Tower, your all familiar with it most likely, we can see the name, the Frequency of 133.00 and that it controls from the Surface to an Altitude of 1,500ft. if your in that space, your tuned to 133.00 and your communications will be either with Kobuleti tower or Kobuleti Traffic, fairly simple.

In the case of this one, your tuned to 134.45 and when your above 3,500 and below 19,500 you’re talking with Kutasi Center.

We understand that some people will not want to/be able to communicate on SRS, in this case we ask that you at least use the Text chat to do basic communications about where/what/why.

A copy of the current main communications is given here


BOOMTEXACO 12———–125.2552YF250 ANC UDVIN @ 295
MPRSARCO 21———–255.5051YF220 ANC UDVIN @ 295


RAPCON or Radar Approach Control is a singular military controller who can take over a 50nm Airspace around any given airfield to allow for easier communication and control of aircraft and the flow of them into and out of a region. For the purposes of the training mission RAPCON is only active if and when a controller declares it as such and will Typically be located either on Tbilisi or Kobuleti.

RAPCON DOES NOT act as a Airborne Controller, GCI or the like, their job is solely to act as Air Traffic Control for the Approach airspace around a given airfield to lessen the amount of work load required on the radios.


Overlord is the Voice Activated AI bot who monitors 253.00, Overlord can be used for AWACS when there is no human controller active on WEDGETAIL. The use of Overlord requires that your name in multiplayer be set up correctly we recommend CALLSIGN #-# | Your name for example MACE 1-1 | Chucky you can then use SRS to call the Bot using the structure Overloard, Callsign Command, for example Overlord, Mace 11 Set Threat 50.

Overlord Supports the following commands.

  • Set Threat – Sets a trip wire perimeter that will have the bot automatically report any hostiles that breach this mark.
  • Bogie Dope – Request the closest hostile
  • Bogie Drop <type> – Request the closest hostile of that type
  • Where is <Callsign> – Request vectors to the player with that call sign.


Wedgetail is the Callsign used when a HUMAN AWACS/GCI is controlling and runs on two frequencies, the first 253.25 is used for Checking In with the controller, while the second 253.50 is used as the primary control frequency.

Check ins with WEDGETAIL can be done on 253.50 if WEDGETAIL allows it otherwise you should:

  • Tune 253.25 and Contact Wedgetail giving your Callsign, Number and type of aircraft, Mission type, Ordience and your play time if acting as CAP or CAS.
  • Wedgetail will verify the details and then pass you to 253.50 typically with a ‘report when on freq.’

At this point you are checked in and under Wedgetails control until you check out. An example of the communications here for Mace 1, a flight of 4 F/A-18C’s flying CAP would be as follows.

MACE 11: Mace Flight, push Comm 1, 253.25
<Mace 1 moves frequncies>
MACE 11: Mace Flight Check in.
MACE 12 – 14 : 2,3,4
MACE 11: Tollbooth, Mace One, Four Ship Hornets Check in as Fragged / Mission Type, Request Alpha Check Bulls.
TOLLBOOTH: Mace One, Tollbooth, Contact – Alpha Check Bulls 220/40
MACE 11: <verifies that Bulls Coords are within +/- 5 degrees and +/- 5-10nm > MACE One, Flight Level 260.
TOLLBOOTH: Mace Identified, You are cleared as FRAGGED to the CAP hold at the Southern End of BRAVO, Unrestricted in Alpha and Bravo, Not below 19000 in Charlie and Delta, Report Playtime and Ordnance.
MACE 11: Mace One Cleared to Southern Cap as Fragged, Not bellow 19000 in Charlie and Delta, Play time is One Plus Zero (one hour), Current Ord is Per Jet, 4 by Long, Two By short.
TOLLBOOTH: Mace, Check In complete, Contact Wedgetail on 253.50 if unable report this freq.
MACE 11: MACE One push 253.50
MACE 11: Mace Flight Check in
<after verification>
MACE 11: WEDGETAIL, MACE One with you on 253.
WEDGETAIL: Mace One Stand by for tasking

At this point you will get vectors and other information from your Controller, when your low on fuel/need to RTB etc you either request to go to the tanker, in which case WEDGETAIL may push you from the main command loop back to Check in/out or have you remain on frequency until they are done a typical check out will be.

MACE 11: Wedgetail, Mace One is PLAYTIME Zero and BINGO.
WEDGETAIL: Mace One, Copy Playtime Zero, Track direct Gate 1 contact TOLLBOOTH on 253.25
MACE 11: Track Gate One Contact TOLLBOOTH 253.25
<MACE 1 pushes>
MACE 11: TOLLBOOTH, Mace One with you Bulls 229 60 FL 300 With report.
TOLLBOOTH: Mace One Go with Report.
MACE 11: Mace One is Operations Complete, lowest state is 5.0, Six bandits killed.
TOLLBOOTH: Copy report Mace One, Proceed Direct Gate One, Decend and maintain Flight Level 200, Expect Vectors for a SWAMP, GOOSE Visual Runway 07 Kobuleti.
MACE 11: Mace One.

Slots on the training map


Aircraft Non BFM / TANKER Slots

The total # of slots is being reduced, typically on the most used aircraft there will be 4 hot slots, 4 cold slots unless it’s a CARRIER based aircraft then you’ll likely find there’s 8 of each 4 on the ground and 4 on the carrier. On the lesser used aircraft there are 2 slots of each and in some cases just 2 slots full stop. Slots will have their Callsign, when applicable their TN id in the slot name, no more F15 etc etc you have search options in DCS Now, so use them. You can Identify Hot slots by (h) and cold slots by (c) in the name despite again there now being filters.

Aircraft Quick Tanker Slots

There are a number of Tanker Slots still these are designated for use, these are to allow for rapid Air to Air refuling practice and can be Identified by the (R) in front of their names, each aircraft has 2 slots for this. BFM slots The BFM slots continue to exist and are designated by a (B) in front of their names, 2 aircraft of each type are set about 50nm from each other, this is to allow for ACM/BFM sets. In the future if these slots leave the restricted airspace they spawn in, they will automatically destroy themselves. These are also the ONLY red slots publically avalible.

Aggressor Slots

These are password protected slots for use with training.

Helicopter Slots

The Helicopters have been moved to their own area FARP PERTH, this is just East of Zugdidi and puts them close to the Live Fire and new Static / moving target areas in R550.

Carrier Slots
The Carrier slot and count has been greatly reduced, while I know there are a few out there who refuse to buy the Super Carrier, I must inform you that in the case of our server the Super Carrier is now the only carrier that will be in use other than the Tarawa. The reason for this is that we honestly feel that if you want to do carrier ops you should be using the super carrier and maintaining multiple carriers is just a pain in the ass to be honest.

that being said the Mighty Rough Rider aka CVN 71, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is more than ready to let you take off and land on it for


Our server is running the FOX script by MOOSE, this script allows for Missile Training by actively looking for and destroying missiles that might hit client aircraft. Fox is turned ON by default but may be turned off by players using the F10 Communications menu options.

Please understand that Fox will NOT protect you from GUNFIRE

Kobuleti Bombing Range

The Cross Bombing Range, is no longer a mass of units spread along the cross, while I know this will make some go ‘What???? WHY!’ the reason is that the cross range now actually operates as a proper range and will give you accuracy reports etc (and post to the discord as well). You can find the options for the range in the Comms

  • F10 Other Menu
  • F7 – On the Range
  • F1 – Kobuleti Range

There are two targets in this range zone, a Bombing target at the cross itself and a Strafing set of targets north of the cross.

The Bombing target at the Cross
the strafing targets

R550 – Live Fire Range

R550 airspace

This range is not in the On the range menu but is instead activated using the Kobuleti Training Control and covers an entire restricted airspace with units that are both always active (and respawned when they are destroyed) and others that can be triggered using the following comm menu options

  • F10 – Other
  • F1 – Kobuleti Training Control
  • – Live Fire Range

You can then use the options here to spawn in the spawnable units listed below.

The Range itself has the following units:

Permanent Units include:

  • A Convoy that will drive along a road set, respawning each time after it is destroyed.
  • A group of 5 Static Units that won’t attack you near Gate 3.

Spawnable units include:

  • The Live fire/Live Attack Group which is a mixed bag of units that can and will take shots at you.
  • The Troops in Contact units a group of Red/Blue Units in contact for FAC practice.

This entire range has DCS A.I AFAC stationed above it on call, its callsign is CHEVY3 and it is on 260.00

R551A – Live Fire SAM Range

R551A Located in Russia near the VM NDB is were Live Fire SAM training now takes place, this area can be activated using the

  • Comm – other
  • Kobuleti Training Control

Options, and includes the ability to spawn in all but the SA5 in Soviet/Russian sam’s along with the Rapier, Hawk and NASAM from the US (The Roland may be added later). This allows you to practice SEAD/DEAD or Evasion against all SAM threats you might find in common use. If there is no player in the zone 60 minutes after it is activated it will deactivate, if a player is in the zone a check will occur again in 30 minutes.

R441 – Manpad Ally

R551 is the northern of the two river valleys east of Batumi and is set up as Manpad Ally again like the above range it is activated using the Communications menu under the LIve fire menu when Active a number of MAN PORTABLE SAMS will spawn, giving you the option to run the valley and try to survive

Air To Air Training R552

We have AI Air to Air training that can be done at any time which takes the form of 5 Options that will spawn and patrol R552 when you request it using the Radio menu the options are as follows

  • Activate Guns – 2 x Mig 29A – Clean Config Guns only.
  • Activate Fox 1 – 2 x Mig 29S – 2 x R72R Semi Active 4x R-73 Archer IR
  • Acitvate Fox 2 – 2 x Mig 21 – 2 x R55 IR 2x R-60M IR
  • Activate Fox 1/2 Hard – 2 x SU-33’s with a mix of IR and SEMI Active
  • Activate Fox 3 – 2 x Mig 29S – 6xR-77 Adders each.

When the units are destroyed the Airspace will deactivate and you can spawn in another set, OR you can despawn the units at any time.

Air to Air Refuelling

We have 2 tankers that will orbit in the Iberia training area and two that orbit over near Tbilisi, the Tbilisi units are set up for the Refueling Slots basically and are:
Texaco 2-1 (Boomer) 125.25, 52y
Arco 2-1 (Probe and Drogue) 255.5, 51y

The Tankers in the Iberia Training Area are

Texaco 1-1 (Boomer) 125.00, 42x
Arco 1-1 (Probe and Drogue) 255, 43x

The Teddy (ROUGHRIDER) has a standard Recovery tanker on station in the form of Shell 11

Shell 11, 251, 43Y

  1. All tankers have unlimited Fuel and are Immortal.
  2. For those who fly the slower Boomer A-10’s you can change the speed of the tankers using the F10 Menu, requesting that they adjust themselves for your needs. This reduces the need for a A-10 Specific tanker.

World War 2 Aircraft

These were/are a hard one, part of me did NOT want to re-add these to the training mission, but I understand that there are people who want to use them and do Dakka Dakka in planes that require you to fly them for you guys and girls there is the WISKA TRG located around Mozdok and Beslan this airfield has Blue WW2 Aircraft at Mozdok and Red WW2 aircraft at Beslan, you may fly these aircraft to your hearts content within the Wiska TRG, leaving it might be explosive for you as we loaded every plane with Cortex along the wing roots.

About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website

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