Red Iberia

Red Iberia

Nov 28 Rob  
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Mission Introduction

The main mission that runs on the dedicated server currently is called Red Iberia and it is a playground that allows most people to have fun on just about any airframe. We plan on having some more information and a map showing the current state of the war effort up soon but for now we will put the briefing text here along with some of the information you need to know below.

it would not have been possible to make with out the help of M.O.O.S.E, & M.I.S.T along with the dedicated people whom have worked on both scripting extensions I would likely still be struggling to have persistency if it was not for TopperFR of the 107th having B.T.I’s source code up for anyone to look at on Github. I strongly recommend you take the time to play in his play ground on the BTI servers as he and the 107th have done some great work with both BTI and TTI! That being said though………

We really look forward to see you online with us! on the TGW Server.


In recent days Russia has threatened to put short ranged nuclear missiles in the Republic of Abkhazia, NATO, The Ukraine and Georgia can not allow this and as of 0800 hours local forces have been deployed to take both airfields.
In response Russia has declared that any violation of Abkhaiza will result in hostile retaliation. A Flashpoint has developed.
Blue Team’s goal is to take Sukhuimi and Gudauta, hunt down any FARPS and deal with any Insurgent Activity, while preventing the loss of any Georgian territory.
Red Teams goal is to hold Abkhaiza and if possible push into Georgia and teach Coalition forces a lesson.


The simple fact is that Red Iberia is a PVP/PVE server, Red Force Primary mission goal is to take and hold Gudauta and Sukhuimi as is Blue Forces. As such expect that if you take a slot at any of these bases you may be attacked during start up, just as if Blue Force has lost both Gudauta and Sukhuimi you may find yourself under attack at any of the other bases.

The same goes for Red Force, attacks may happen at ANY base. While some pilots/players/people may think it ‘unfair’ to be shot while they are starting up on the ground, let us be clear that this server is simulating a WAR environment, a plane that is killed on the ground is one less to worry about in the air, if you do not want the risk of being shot and killed on the ground start at a base that is not near the front lines, for Blue these are typically either the Carrier, Senaki, Kobulette or Vaz. For Red it should be any base but Sochi.

The only other ROE is that you may NOT Blue on Blue/Red on Red. Full stop it is a bannable offence.


The things you need to know

Factories and Persistence

One of the goals of the mission for the Blue coalition side is to grind the RED forces to a halt and prevent them from continuing their attacks into the territory that Georgia claims as its own. This means defeating the Russian might a might that on our map is PERSISTENT meaning that it saves its state from mission to mission. Forces on both sides need to be aware of this, pay attention to what damage has been dealt to things and react accordingly.

For example, SAM sites can be damaged and taken out, requiring Helicopter pilots to move new short range units into place to cover the gaps in the network.

Command centers can be destroyed for up to 48-72 hours, limiting CAP patrols from being able to launch!

and finally Russian factories can be hit enabling the reduction in supplies to the Russian Airfields and Army units potentially grinding the army to a halt as it’s chain is brought low.


Communication is important, what’s more important is that every one is on the same page! The following communication card lists the frequencies that are used for Blue Force in Red Iberia G.A.W.




Red Iberia G.A.W uses the in game map as a way to quickly get information to the players, not only does it show you most (but not all) of the potential targets in the mission using map mark points, YOU can also use them to help control units within the mission or even find out what the weather is doing.

This Youtube video shows the commands:


Weather is an important factor in the game as such you can also get the current weather information for any location on the map by placing a mark point and simply typing -weather if you are blue into it and then deleting the mark point to get the current weather at that location.

Controlling Tankers

Tankers can be controlled by creating mark points with a certain command structure in them and then once the command has been entered deleting the mark point to send the command. So long as the command structure was valid the tanker will attempt to move to the mark point and set up a new track from that position.
The following structure is the command:

-tanker route <name>,h <0-360>,d <5-100>,a <10-30,000>,s <250 - 450>

It’s important to note that each section coresponds to a certain value as follows:
-tanker route <name> is the command, you have a number of valid names depending on which side you are on “ARCO” or “TEXACO” for blue or “ARCO” and “SHELL” for red example

-tanker route arco

the rest of the string are command for telling the tanker what you want it to do, they are optional as the above command has a set of defaults that it will try and do but each command is given below.

,h <0-360> is the heading you wish the tanker to do it’s course on. eg “,h 270” would tell the tanker you want it to orbit on a heading of 270.
,d <5-100> is the distance in NM that you want the track to be, eg “,d 25” would tell the tanker you want it to do a 25nm leg.
,a <10,000 – 30,000> is the Altitude in ft you want the tanker to be at eg “,a 15000” would tell the tanker you want it to be at 15,000ft MSL.
,s <250-450> is the GROUND SPEED in Knots you want the tanker to be travelling at, eg “,s 345” would tell the tanker you want it to travel at a ground speed of 345 knots.

We can then put this all together to have the tanker do a course, lets say we want ARCO to fly a 50nm pattern on a heading of 265 at Angels 18 with a ground speed of 310 knots. To do this we would enter the following text into the mark point before deleting it:

-tanker route arco,d 50,h 265,a 18000,s 310

Controlling AFAC

Like the tankers the AFAC on BLUE side can be moved with similar commands the main differences are in the values you can set the command structure is:

-afac route afac1,h <0-360>,d <0-25>,a <1000-20000>,s <90-150>

otherwise these values work the same as the tanker above.

Sending the CAP.

The final command that players can use is the -cap command this allows players to request and direct an AI cap presence to areas that they may need it. To use the command you use the following structure:

-cap <route,patrol,refuel>,roe <free,rf,hold>,h <0-360>,a <1-50>,s <150-850>,d <0-150>

the command structure is again like a tanker with the following differences.

-cap <command> : the Cap command has 3 options that can be given each having a slightly different effect.
route will send the cap to the location and anchor on it much like the tanker and afac.
patrol will have the CAP patrol from it’s current position to the new position.
Refuel will tell the CAP to move to the position and look for a tanker to refuel from.

roe <command>: sets the caps rules of engagement, free is for FREE FIRE, rf is for Return Fire and Hold is to set weapons hold.

a <command>: unlike the other items which allow for specific altitudes the Cap can be set by ‘Angels’ from 1,000ft (,a 1) to 50,000ft (,a 50)

All other commands work as previously explained.

Additional Commands/Full Player Command list

As well as the above commands, players have access to a few others some of these at the moment are to simulate/allow for quicker visualisation of the battlefield, again all commands go into MARK POINTS and execute on Mark point deletion.

-smokered - Drop a redsmoke on the markpoint 
-smokeblue - Drop a bluesmoke on the marker 
-smokegreen - Drop a greensmoke on the marker
-smokeorange - Drop a orangesmoke on the marker
-smoke - drop white smoke
-flare - Launch a flare shortly after execution, then another about 30 seconds later.
-weather - give weather information at current mark point. 
-groute <groupname> - route the group to the marker point
-tanker route <unitname>,h <heading>,a <altitude in ft>,s <gs in knots>,d <distance of leg in nm> 
-afac route afac1,h <heading>,a <altitude in ft>,s <ground speed in knots>,d <distance in nm> 
-cap <route,patrol,refuel>,roe <free,rf,hold>,h <0-360>,a <1-50>,s <150-850>,d <0-150> 

About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website

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