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This set of SOP’s handles our basic Approach and Landing, individual aircraft will have their own terms/speeds and positions for things like the overhead break. As such this is a set of GUIDELINES not RULES.

Combat flights will ALWAYS use what is given BY ATC if on or Quickest Method to land.

  1. Except when in a combat zone, all aircraft should notify ATC or CTAF at 25nm of intent.
  2. If IMC conditions are in effect, OVERHEAD BREAK/INITIAL AND PITCH is not allowed.
  3. If ATC is on, ATC commands must be followed.
  4. If conducting an Initial and Pitch, you need to be established at least a min of 5nm prior to the threshold.
  5. If conducting an Initial and Pitch and not starting from a straight in approach specify LEFT/RIGHT initial in terms of how you are joining the pattern. (from the left or from the right).
  6. All approaches should be AGL 800ft or higher Initials.
  7. If landing in formation make certain to specify if a pairs formation or independent formation landing will occur, if pairs landing DO NOT Attempt Initial and pitch as aircraft are independent after the break.
  8. On Initial and pitch, when lead reaches their ‘pitch/break’ point they will broadcast ‘<callsign> in the pitch’ wing aircraft will simply call 2,3,4 as required.
  9. On reaching base turn, all aircraft will broadcast that they are on base, have three green and their intent (landing, touch and go) eg: “Magpie 11, Base, 3 green, Stop”.
  10. Lead will select a ‘side’ of the runway that is ‘dead’ this side should be the UPWIND side of the runway, upon landing and slowing this side of the runway is the side that each aircraft needs to move to.
  1. When landing in Pairs, lead should be established by a minimum of 10nm, Lead should remember that they will require extra speed to allow wing to maintain position and not risk stalling.
  2. If IMC conditions exist, PAIRS landing should not be attempted if Visibility is less then 5nm.
  1. On Straight in at 10nm Radio “<Callsign> flight of <# type> established 10nm Final RWY <RWY>, <Landing Type>.
    EG: Magpie 11, Flight of 2 F18’s, 10nm Final RWY 05, Stop.
    • At 2nm if able broadcast <callsign> short final.

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