Iran Complains about CBU Use, Warrior Actual responds.

Iran Complains about CBU Use, Warrior Actual responds.

Oct 19 Rob  
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Irani forces today lodged again formal complaints about the use of CBU’s against civil installations and towns, however Warrior ‘Actual’ an unknown figure released the following statement.

“Look, Iran can shit up a tree for all I care, they hide men in their cities and the simple point is this.. My Employeer, you know the tax payers whom pay my paycheck is in this current case good old Uncle Sam and uncle sam didn’t sign no convention against the use of cluster munitions. That means if some Irani wants to sit with a goat and a stove pipe and launch missiles at me.. He and all of his mates, along with their armour are going to meet our some friends of ours called CBU-97 and 105. We also find it rich that Iran complains about the use of Cluster muntions while allowing their Chinese and Pakistani friends to drop them into actual Civilian airfields like Khasab.

So Iran can go fuck a cane toad for all I care.”

Coalition commander ‘Kosh Ne’Cat’ was a little more diplomatic about the situation.

“We have restricted most use of CBU weapons from towns and cities, however in some cases when the Republic of Iran troops have used buildings as cover we are forced to resort to the use of smart weapons.”

From Khasab.. Kitty Purrs-Alot.

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