Dog Fight Mission

Dog Fight Mission

Nov 28 Rob  
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The Dogfight Mission is a mission set on the Persian Gulf designed specifically to allow quick and rapid Dog Fights to occur, as such it is a PVP map, however some specific rules do apply.

  1. No Engagements may occur over the islands, these are marshalling points.
  2. Each Side has 5 minutes or until they signal ‘Fights on’ using the F10 Comms menu option to get their Element into position.
  3. Guns only unless otherwise told.
  4. Unless otherwise briefed you may not fire until after the first Merge, once each jet has passed the 3/9 line once guns may be fired.
  5. No missiles may be used with out permission.
  6. Unless briefed otherwise, you must wait for the current ’round’ to finish before respawning.
  7. No Labels are used for this fight.

The following map shows the AO and the start positions of each aircraft.

About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website

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