Coalition Closes on Bandar.

Coalition Closes on Bandar.

Oct 19 Rob  
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Coalition Hornet over the Gulf of Oman

Coalition forces are making steady progress towards Bandar Abbas International Airfield and the city, despite stiff opposition from the Irani people. Current Estimates put the attack on the city coming in the next 7 – 14 days.

At the same time reporters have heard rumors that the offensive land push may slow at that point to allow for deep strikes against Irani Infrastructure such as Factories, Electrical Grid and other targets of Strategic value. When asked if this includes water and food processing units Admiral Kosh Ne Cat said the following.

“Our Coalition will abide by the laws of war when it comes to strategic targets, Our attacks against infrastructure will be those that directly support the war effort and we will as we always have limit the collateral damage to civil structures. Take our use of CBU class weapons for example, these are targeted weapons that specifically hit actual units before self destructing. Would Iran and those whom have lodged ‘complaints’ prefer we go to using GBU class weapons only? which level buildings when they park armour next to them? Ask yourself who is the real war criminals here”

Either way it seems at this time that Coalition forces will be in Iran for some time.

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