Combined Arms & Our Servers

As we have grown we have seen more and more people wanting to use the Tactical Commander slots on Persia and other servers on both sides, some times simply to move units where they need them to take bases and […]

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Observations of a server owner

They are the life blood of our multiplayer communities and something that so many it seem take for granted but I wanted to do a post as a server owner of what I see as the good and the bad […]

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Mid Year State of the Group

So it’s mid year and normally I do the whole half yearly update of where the group is at and all that jazz.. you know that essay post that no one likely reads ;).. Not going to be a real […]

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FAQ update, Server funding goal update.

Feb 25  Rob  

We updated the Sites FAQ to put some of the newest questions in and to expand on things a little. We also updated the front page to reflect the change in billing cycle for the server.

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DCS Server update June 16th

Hey all, as many of you are aware 2.5.6 release cycle has been a ‘mess’ we saw basically a 6 month delay between OB – Stable during which Open Beta was a mess with random crashes and issues with stability […]

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We have recently (last few days) brought up a Squad Server along side our DCS Server we are testing it at the moment to see if we will keep it up and running you’ll find it in the CUSTOM browser […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 05  Rob   FAQ

Server Questions Q. What maps are used?A. We use Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Nevada and eventually we will be using Syria.. Q. Is it always Winter when iberia is running? A. No, the ‘month’ changes to match within about a week […]

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DCS World Observations.

Dec 22  Rob  

DCS World is by and large the greatest combat simulator ever made for PC, so long as you don’t want certain things and I am saying this as some one who LOVES Falcon 4.0/BMS which is to me the greatest […]

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Robs Musings – Fighting to your Strengths.

As a virtual pilot and one who loves combat simulations I’ve had the honor of being able to fly with a broad spectrum of people with a large set of different skills, from actual pilots whom have gone through combat […]

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