Topgun gone wrong!

Nov 22 Christine Graham  
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Israeli forces over the weekend – as well as on Saturday and Sunday, dealt a major blow to the Syrian invaders – pushing the invading invaders involuntarily back to and across the border, expelling them from Israeli territory in expulsioningly fashion.

A few technical technicals got lost and turned around on the roads and caught behind in the panicked retreat, with other retreating technicals getting turned around and losing their way.

Some cocky airforce pilots, inspired by the latest Topgun movie decided to prove to any would-be invaders that “It’s not the plane – it’s the pilot”, and apparently that they were “The Pilots”.

To demonstrate this to the extreme – vintage WW2 aircraft were dragged out of retirement and dusted off with pilots boasting “If we were the german pilots in ‘The Final Countdown’, those F14’s wouldn’t have known what had hit them”

Tasked with seeking and destroying any remaining ground-forces, as well as any forces that may be on the ground – they were sure to prove to the enemy that they are not to be trifled with.

Unfortunately, it seems that “the pilots” may not have been up to the skill required, with numerous airframes not even becoming airborne, but rather becoming permanent fixtures of the airbase fencing or nearby trees with results that closely resembled what many would call ‘modern art’.

Of those that managed to get airborne, some seemed more interested in getting formation photo’s for their walls at home rather than the task at hand – with others needing to make numerous glide approaches to get airframes back on the ground after taking multiple hits – that is – those lucky enough not to have their airframes destroyed by SAM or MANPADS.

Pilots making their way back to base by taxi after ejecting from aircraft moments before crashing, wearing ripped flight gear smelling of smoke and oil made the comment “It was worth it! Let’s do it again!”, impressing their superiors as to the never give up attitude, and leaving others shaking their head in disbelief with comments that their squadron should probably be renamed to “Task Group Worrisome”.

Leaving the airbase this reporter noticed other WW2 airframes being pulled out, engines having oil added and fuel, and more armaments added to aircraft leaving the impression that this craziness may not be over, but may have just begun.

From Israel – this is amateur reporter reporting – Warren Peace

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