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Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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The Cat Institute of Statistics and Science today released a look into the state of the War in the Persian Gulf since the last ‘Reset’ and had this to say:

In total close to 2 billion dollars worth of weapons have been used in the theatre, or 1,859,494,029.90 US Dollars at the time of writing.

There have been 1777 kills in the region by various pilots with 225 are Air to Air Kills and 1333 Air to Ground kills.

The most used ground weapon outside of Guns (The GAU-8 is the winner there surprise, surprise) is the AGM-65 series of weapons with 432 Missiles being fired, followed by the Russian S8KOM at 312 and the AGM-88C at 241, while the JF has launched a whole 30 LD10’s.

Bomb wise you two-legged fuckers really love to use those CBU’s 139 of them dropped on unsuspecting civilians, bloody war crimes I tell you and the GBU-38 is the next closest with 250 of them dropped at the time of writing.

In the AIr to Air Department, we’ve seen 42 Phoenixes, 53 AIM9X’s, 16 AIM7’s and 504 AIM120C’s launched.. and a whole 42 LD10’s.. most of which likely have been ‘Yeeted’ as someone claims that it makes them faster when they run away….

out of the 244 crashes, 190 deaths, 114 ejects there have been 6 crash landings and 63 cases of pilot error.

From CISAS this has been a public information dump.

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