South Africa files protest against Coalition Forces in the Gulf, UN and UAE investigating.

Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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South Africa today issued official protest to the United Nations against the United States and the Coalition Joint Task Group Warrior. The protest comes after the loss of a South African Flagged vessel in the Gulf of Oman that saw the loss of 15 crew members.

Coalition Command issued the following statement a short while ago.

“Currently we can neither confirm nor deny that any allied aircraft may or may not have been in the region of the tanker in question, we can not confirm nor deny that there was even a tanker to be sunk and well honestly if there was it shouldn’t have been there because this is a war zone and who cares if people still need oil or it was in an internationally recognised shipping lane. For all we know it could have been a smuggler ship, Somali pirates or even that so-called Jeff guy who likes to fly around with socks on his hand and lob missiles willy nilly at everyone. Until someone investigates and well we aren’t going to because why would we do that, and the law says we are innocent until proven guilty so if no one can prove that we are guilty we are innocent and if we don’t investigate then we can’t be proven guilty.. So South Africa can take their protest else were, I’ve annoying Hinds to deal with”.

This has led many to scratch their heads and wonder what the Coalition command had slipped into his Pepsi today, needless to say, that the UAE is currently not happy and threatening to expel coalition forces if it continues.

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