Skies Ablaze over Kish.

Jul 02 Christine Graham  
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In the late hours of the afternoon on the 28th the USS Teedy R sails west in the Persian Gulf its decks a hive of activity and calamity as aircraft are readied for an upcoming strike, at the time we couldn’t reveal the location but tonight as Kish lays once more in coalition hands we can say that it was the target of last eve’s operations. Operations that did not begin smoothly we might add, with delays in launches, recriminations about catapults and at one stage an F14 reminding it’s younger cousin that while it may be newer, it may be more technologically advanced, it couldn’t flex as well as it, indeed the Tom Cat was overheard asking ‘Do you even sweep bro?’.

The opening shots were fired with SLAM-ER’s, CBU and GBU class weapons with the lack of SAM based radar detections luring coalition forces in closer, and then all hell began to break loose, mayday calls mixed with calls that Jester was fucking amazing now, Hazel at times seemed to decide she didn’t want to give anyone a bogie dope and mad-dogs due to Irani rapid sling launchs of Mirage 2000’s into the sky left one Tom Cat in a flat spin.. going out to sea, the pilot coming from black out to a fire on the right side and his rio unresponsive claimed ‘Man its just like that Top Gun Movie, I’m even out to sea’ moments before pulling the ejection handles.. a few moments later we heard the cries of ‘Jester.. Noo buddy.. ‘ and mumblings about canopy strikes..

Not that the rest had a lot to say as the entire region came to life with SA11, SA10 and SA15 sam sites, what had been ‘clean skies’ became a mass of chaff, jamming and for at least one hornet, sheer pure skill to dodge the missiles, when asked about the bend in the fuselage said Hornet pilot shrugged and replied “My instructor @Crimson 1-1 | {TGW} Goose, always told me it’s better to beg the lamies forgiveness for bending their bird with a 10.4G yank, then have to explain why I suddenly found religion in an Irani POW camp’.

With things looking almost like a stalemate, coalition command called for ‘Volunteers’ to launch a marine and ranger strike against the island with the understanding that if they could gain a foothold targets could be marked and perhaps the precious airfield taken control of allowing for rapid deployment and counter-attack, this resulted in plenty of hands going down and ‘Not me, ‘Nah I did it last time’ especially from that guy from Malmac, who shrugged looked at everyone and went ‘Fuck it i’m out to get MacDonalds, and you can all listen’ as he stole Kosh’s private launch and raced off on a ‘5 minute trip for the precious burger and fries. Finally at first a lone UH-60 took to the air, and the Malmacian finally sated on Mcdonalds and claiming it still wasn’t as good as pus…err cat.. launched to give AH-64 support..

The exact ‘picture’ of what happened next is unclear, we know that at least 4 UH-60 launches in as little as an hour took place, we know too that no UH-60 exploded.. but apparently rotor blades were found all over the islands often near were Army recovery teams have recently been operating today and we know that a number of Land Cruisers and Hilux’s were found burned out… with pilots muttering about 100km hour tracer fire fights, calls for the UH-60 to ‘just get the Tank Deployed!’ and birds exploding on the apron as the airfield swung from side to side.

But as the night drew in and the fires raged into the skies, the Warriors flag was hoisted over the island, Kish was now blue land. (edited)

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