Rest Peacefully. Admiral Kosh Ne Cat ‘Rumbles’ Graham. 13-09-2007 to 4-06-2021.

Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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It is my sad duty to announce that at 10 am Australian Eastern Standard Time today, Kosh passed from this world to join his Brother Marcus in whatever comes for us in the next. The universe called him home, and this one a lesser place for it.

To some they will be ‘he’s just a cat’ to me he was my baby, we can’t have children.. so my pets are the closest I get to that. Kosh came into my life at a time when I was just getting really sick again. He made me laugh when I couldn’t, he gave me unconditional love and today Cancer took him from this world.

Never again will he wake me with a head bump and sitting on my chest. Never again will I get licked eyebrows from him or a nip to go ‘Dad I’m here wake up’ and that hurts. But despite that I know he’s no longer suffering and that.. that’s good.

I just.. wish that he didn’t have to go.. because it hurts.

Rest and chase Mice and Sparrows with Marcus, Kosh.. You’ll always be TGW”s Admiral.

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