Pilot Training under investigation

Jul 02 Christine Graham  
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Coalition forces have stated they will ‘review’ pilot training after a number of recent mishaps cost the lives of over two dozen sailors, at least 3 civillian apartment complexes and a small dog. All in the span of 2 hours in the early hours of yestarday morning.

Sources in the military state that during a mission that was sent with the aim to ‘reduce civilian collateral’ at least 3 bombs failed to track into the target possibly due to their pilot operators forgetting that the mode the bomb was in required designation for each release set, however at this time the commander of that strike package is unable to comment as he is in the hospital recovering after another of his pilots ignored being told to ‘divert’ due to his aircraft being damaged after mid-air occurred with his own bombs and after being waved off 4 times proceeded to then cartwheel down the deck. The resulting ‘crash landing’ left the pilot of said aircraft dead, the cag in a severe and unstable condition while apparently dash 3 looked on with sources close to the incident saying he said the following ‘Well, least I don’t have to pay up for the poker losses now.. swear that was on purpose though man.. Dash two owed the CAG almost 10grand after our poker match last night’.

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