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Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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Coalition forces capture the Gulf Islands, Increased Operations tempo in the Gulf of Oman.

Coalition forces today announced that with the Irani SAM network now compromised they were moving into an increased operation tempo, the exact target of their operations is currently a secret but operations tempo in the Gulf of Oman seems to have rapidly ramped up.

When asked if this was possible in advance of a land-based invasion of Iran given that Coalition forces took the 4 smaller ‘Gulf’ islands of Sirri, Abu Musa, Lesser and Greater Tunb the coalition spokescat could only state ‘No Comment’.

At the same press conference, the coalition was asked by CBN reporters about the validity of claims of war crimes in the region with the prior UAE ‘complaint’ and now Iran and even Oman accusing coalition forces of the use of indiscriminate weapons of destruction in civilian regions. Once again the response from coalition spokescats was ‘No comment at this time.

Despite this, this reporter has on a number of occasions heard pilots in bars making jokes about dropping Cluster-based munitions on towns, often with disparaging remarks about ‘well if civilians are there, then they are the enemy right’. We do know that the UAE has issued a formal complaint at this time with direct threats to remove access to its airfields should continual reports of cluster munition use in cities come through. Should this happen it would severely limit the Coalitions ability to function as many of its aircraft are not capable of carrier operations.

From Persia.

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