One pilot protest, as mean people Ban Chinese Properganda Aircraft. Even engineers state can’t be as efficient as claimed because ‘efficient’ engines don’t belch black smoke.

Jul 04 Christine Graham  
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Today long-term JF-17 pilot sock filed numerous formal complaints about ‘Jeffism’ claiming that pilots unfairly attacked his beloved JF17 simply out of ‘jealousy’ and ‘Because its Chinese. This is despite actual fighter pilots, Engineers and those with PHD’s pointing out the range of issues on the jet.

“Nope, Nope, nope, they’re all just jealous, besides they don’t take into account just how f’cking awesome my little pony stickers and a few steggies make any aircraft, that’s easily gonna decrease your reheat burn rate by over 10,000 pounds compared to a single F404 or the like”

An engineer however with decades of experience had this to say. “Yeah no, you only need to watch how dirty the Russian-based engine is, efficient engines don’t belch black smoke out their arses and fighter jet engines aren’t exactly ‘efficient’ in the first place.

Despite all this Comrade Captain KaruptSockamus continues his protest.

“Now they’re threatening to say that if it’s made anywhere after 2010 I can’t fly it, I swear it’s just JEFFISM! And hate for my little pony!”

From the Persian Gulf were a lone Sock Stands with his rather large sign jumping up and down..

This is kitty purrsalot.

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