Lars Local Council hires Mad Al’s Mercenaries to “take out the trash”

Aug 05 Christine Graham  
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Following a petition from local ratepayers, the Lars Local Council was pleased to call for tenders for a force to recapture the city from the invaders. The call was heard and answered by Mad Al’s Mercenaries Limited – a subsidiary of Kiwi Battlefield Technologies. Offered only some curried goat, 3 slightly used flannels, and a promise of a key to the city if successful, Mad Al took on the challenge.

Following a lightning strike of just a few armored vehicles supported by a trusted Huey or three, the battle was done to the blue force invaders and their brand of democracy was firmly rejected!

A push further south towards Bastak is currently underway, funded by the Bastak Borough Council. Stiff opposition has been encountered but fortunately, General Sir Spadman the Great, freer of the oppressed, deliverer of justice and peace( @spadly ) joined the fray, to continue the advance.

“We will not rest until the peace-loving peoples of Iran are free once again, and the invaders have been pushed back into the sea” a spokesperson for the newly freed Lars Council announced.

More as it comes to hand, this is Dogs don’t Quack, live from just north of Bastak

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