Joint statement from The Pulpit of Truth, Empire of Nu Zullend, on behalf of the Iranian Revolutionary Council and Empress Jazzinder the First

Nov 24 Christine Graham  
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May the light of her benevolence and wisdom shine eternally on her people and blind the eyes of disbelievers and enemies of the Empire.
Having successfully seen off the naked and unprovoked aggression from the coalition forces and expelled their terrorist armies from Iranian soils, attention now turns to retribution for these terrible acts of war.
But fear not peaceful peoples of Oman and the UAE… for the open hand of friendship is extended to you. However, to the foul aggressors, we only offer our clenched fist, and a beeiiitchh slapping the likes you have never seen before nor will see again!
The righteous wrath of the peaceful non-aggressive peoples of Iran, ably assisted by the special folk from Kiwi Battle Technologies (who have brought us the T72 Erectus and now introduce ‘Baaaabara’ the anti-personnel sheep), now turns to free the oppressed peoples of Oman and the UAE.
The hour of liberation is at hand!

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