Elite Republican Forces Retake lost territory

May 01 Christine Graham  
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In a push that the coalition forces basically ‘asked for’ indeed one pilot whom claimed to be both a huey pilot and also to fly hornets was drunkingly heard saying ‘Man.. I wish these Irani’s would retake all their islands and load em up with manpads’.. it seems Iran was listening.

In a multi-pronged air/sea assault armour and infantry platoons hit a large number of coalition held islands, retaking them for the Irani people. Coalition losses have been high with casualities being flown out on emergency C-17 Evac’s.

Admiral Kosh Ne Cat has made the following statement:

“This push was not unexpected, though to hear our own pilots asking the enemy do so is.. concerning, needless to say that we have in recent days suffered some set backs, we contested one of their main airfields at Bandar-Abbas only to loose that, Havadurry as the pilots call it was lost as well after a week of intense fighting.. Obviously the Irani’s have gotten outside help and so far it’s looking like Pakistan and China have begun to funnel a lot of resources into the region.

This is concerning for a number of reasons as it could lead to much higher air and ground threat counts, needless to say though I believe my pilots are more then ready to meet the coming demands’

So there you have it.. Coalition war mongering on the rise again?

@Hairy77 | Eagle 1-1 🦅 was asked for another statement.. after his drinking statement about the retaking of the islands..

“Well.. I need a nanna nap then so i’m ready for cap tonight”..

We guess this is some form of code…

From Persia, this is Kitty Purrsalot Reporting.

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