Coalition Forces Warn that the fighting around Bandar Abbas may go on for weeks

Sep 18 Christine Graham  
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Coalition spoke fox Vikki Vixen went on record today stating that with a recent push of black market & Chinese backing Iran seemed to be digging its paws in refusing to give up its port city of Bandar Abbas. Indeed almost as fast as units are being destroyed more are being deployed from reserve underground bases and bunkers throughout the region.

When asked how long fighting in the AO is expected to take, Vixen on behalf of Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat had the following statement.

“At this time, we are thinking at least another month if not longer, we have evidence that a lot of money recently swapped hands in the arms markets especially in the African region not to mention to China as well, while we have applied sanctions were we can with oil prices so high many countries are ignoring them and well we’ve seen a real mixed bag of technology start to be deployed in the Irani Theater of war. We may open up strategic strikes on oil production facilities in the near future in an effort to combat the funding of these purchases.”

Meanwhile, plans have been lost to even AAA systems recently due to the continued low cloud layer.

From the USS Teddy R.
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