Coalition Forces loose Ground in the West.

May 16 Christine Graham  
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Coalition forces have suffered a severe setback in recent days with the loss of their strategic hold on the Island of Kish forcing all western operations back to naval assets in the region. The setback which comes after weeks of heavy fighting both around the Town of Bandar-e Lengeh and on the Island of Kish is one that has many wondering if the coalition forces are making any real head ground in this conflict.

Local commanders refused to comment on the grounds of Operational security however leaked rumours state that many coalition pilots are claiming that the current ROE which prevents the widespread use of ‘Smart Cluster Munitions’ is partially to blame even as others have said that an operational shift from fast movers to helicopters has forced a radical rethinking of strategy. At the same time the Iran Government released the following statement.

“You see how the imperialistic coalition falls now that we have competent commanders in place, yes we shot General Barksalov for his failures and have replaced him with two competent generals who have done much to bleed the imperialists dry, they believe that we will falter against their invasion, but our peoples will remain strong, our production facilities continue to pump out tanks and our allies in Russia and China supply us with their latest military hardware, including rippp off cl…. I mean homegrown versions of the American fighters.

We will not rest until all invaders are thrown from our shores”.

From the Persian Gulf

This is Kitty Purrsalot.

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