Coalition Forces announce Operation Rolling Thunder 4

Jul 02 Christine Graham  
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After weeks of serious discussion and a mass of information handed to the United Nations showing Irani forces using Civilian buildings as cover, coalition forces announced today that Operation Rolling Thunder has begun. The 4th in a long line of ‘Rolling Thunder’ operations over the decades, Coalition Command today warned Iran that as they were violating the rules of war the gloves on indiscriminate bombing are now off. TGW CAG today had this to say.

“One of my pilots has been claiming this was coming since the war started, I think today he’ll be happy, We will do our best to reduce collateral damage, but we will no longer be putting our pilots in harm’s way simply to protect a house when an HQ7 is parked behind it. Cluster, 2000 pounds, I don’t care what we have to use to sanitize the air space and allow us to do our job. The gloves are off.”

Iran has already filed two protests with the UN.

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