Coalition Continues to take major ports

Sep 18 Christine Graham  
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Overnight coalition forces struck a major blow against the Irani government taking the port city of Bandar Abbas and its vital airfield. Confusion however seemed to reign supreme as the Irani Armed forces retaliated when Apache’s were forced into knife fights often with their pilots swearing about their front seat ‘George’ not being able to hit anything for shit especially if it was a moving object. At the same time as the fighting was ongoing on the ground in the air above fighters ranging from F14’s to Hornets were forced to switch and swap between helping those on the ground and often defending themselves in knife fights. Based on testimony from unnamed sources the radio’s came alive at one point from the task force’s own leadership the alleged conversation points to fatigue with a voice that sounds like @Crimson 1-1 | {TGW} Goose about 5 minutes after his and @Rob Graham took off as Warrior 1 flight said to have spoken the following words “Man.. are we heading in the right direction? I think we are going south”
“Oh shit.. ah.. “
Radar reports of the time show the flight at this point almost 20 – 30 nm south of the Washington task group suddenly doing a 180 back to flow north. When asked Warrior 1-1 Rob Graham had the following to say.

“Look I’m not saying that my INS wasn’t aligned properly… but it had aligned when I went to the cat.. not my fault if switching it to IFA broke it, alright… what do you mean my eyes look like I might be on medication? Don’t know what your talking about…. And no just because my dash two fell off his ladder with the smell of scotch on his breath doesn’t mean that we were drinking and flying either… Mistakes happen.. besides, it gave us more time to get some altitude.. which we needed to be given those damned 14’s came a short time later.. Our Apache pilots were slurring on the radio? Don’t know what the hell you are talking about.. @OceanOver 🦕 and @{TGW} SixtyCal are consummate pilots.. and would never ever have a six-pack or more before jumping in the pit.. “.

Despite this and what some might call dangerous formation flying by an AV-8 with an Apache, one can’t argue that the team last eve got results.

From Persia for the Cat New Network.
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