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May 01 Christine Graham  
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Daring Litening strike by Iran takes 2 International Airfields. A daring raid today took place in response to recent aggression by US forces when Iran slipped commando units into the UAE rapidly overcoming and taking Abu Dubai and Dubai International Airports. The Shiek of the UAE is reportably livid at this blatent attack on his nation and has vowed that Iran will face the consequences. In response the Irani Government has demanded the return of the islands that the UAE and it’s ‘Coalition Masters’ have illegaly ceased.

meanwhile, New Zealand and Australian pilots continue to flood into the region as ‘replacement pilots’ with Kiwi pilots being quoted as ‘amazed’ by actually having aircraft that aren’t piston-powered for the first time in decades.

One Australian was on record when asked about this as saying “Well to be fair to the Sheep Shaggers, they have jet power.. they just seem to want to stick props on them all the time” The Aussie in question was later found in a compromising position with a camel after having his VB roofied. Kiwi authorities in the region refused to comment.

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