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May 01 Christine Graham  
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Casualties mount as fighting bogs down.

We are hearing unconfirmed reports of high casualties amongst coalition forces as the push to retake Khasab while also holding Kish and the other gulf Islands escalates. Sources whom don’t wish to be named have reported that the fighting has at times become Close Quarters with Infantry up against armor, entire platoons being wiped out in their effort to either hold or take strategic locations.

At last count the DoD said they are expecting at least 250 casualties ranging from the terminal bullet, bomb or high explosive anti tank round to the face, through to those taken from the field due to injury, with one wounded pilot muttering about crosswinds being bugs. When doctors were asked what he meant they said the man was suffering from delerium and should recover eventually. We are also investigating the theft of a dozen crates with out dated 60’s and 70’s rock n roll on 8 track, one eye witness claimed a orange creature with a cat under its arm stole the entire lot, however we have been told that Donald Trump is not currently in the region.

From Al-Minhad in the UAE this is the Cat News Network.

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