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May 01 Christine Graham  
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In the past 48 hours the Port city of Khasab has fallen to daring Irani strikes and is now occupied. Reports from the city claim that Iran has began to rapidly increase it’s defenses in the region moving in heavy Surface to Air assets in an effort to block Coalition strikes towards Qeshm and Bandar Abbas. General Barksalov went on record with the following statement.

“The capitalist forces of the United States coalition took our islands and the Omani people have aided them in this push, offering their forces safe harbor at their air strip and within their cities. As such I sent my best forces led by Agent Sock to take this vital strategic port and we will hold it until our islands are returned or the sea runs with the blood of those whom wish to try and take our lands. ”

Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat report-ably responded by saying that he was unconcerned at this time, yet seemed to be carefully counting the number of remaining AWACS aircraft with a worried look on his face.

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