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May 01 Christine Graham  
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24 Hours after landing two armoured platoons at the ports of Towla and Sistan Irani forces have pushed in and retaken Qeshm Island from to quote one local “The American Occupiers”. Reports from observers claim that the Marine Expeditionary Force holding the airbase put up a good fight against the Irani invaders whom waited outside the airbase for over 8 hours even while AV-8’s, A10CII’s and a hornet flew overhead, before launching their final assault.

This push is said to have liberated Qeshm and Irani/Russian General Barksalov has reported that the Islands that have been illegaly ceased will be next.

Coalition Commanders have refused to confirm or deny the losses at this time, citing ongoing operational security.

A video message of a Kiwi man was also reportedly uploaded along with a message

“We have your strange accent man who can’t say Fish and Chips.. we will return him for Sirri Island”

He claims that he wants a Sex pack of Beer.. we are confused.

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