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May 01 Christine Graham  
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China appears to be backing up it’s threats with a task force sailing into the Gulf of Oman earlier today even as if reports from the ground are correct they continue to pour military hardware into Oman and Eastern UAE ports to solidify a beachhead.

Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat was again unavalible for comment, though we have it on good authority that a massive air to ground battle took place yestarday between a mix of F18, F14, F16 and A10 units. Allied forces claim at least 3 JF-17 kills though the loss of Allied aircraft was high. China and Pakistan both categorically deny this claiming that they lost no aircraft at all last night.

“Western Properganda just like this entire Invasion, our JF-17 is the best aircraft ever made, it has no flaws.”

Was the statement issued by the Chinese National Press.

Recovered HUD tapes from the region speak otherwise…

From Persia this is Kitty Purrsalot

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