CNN Persia -Multiple Fleets withdrawn for repairs.

May 02 Christine Graham  
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Both China and the United States have withdrawn several of their fleets from the region after sustaining severe damage over the past 72 hours. The USS Stennis, USS Washington were withdrawn with battle damage after their repairs. Meanwhile the Chinese Amphibious Assault fleet has been withdrawn from the region currently for its own repairs after suffering multiple hits from bombs during the evening.

Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat was finally avalible for comment.

“The recent intervention into the region by China has increased the volitility of the region, but the UAE can be assured the Coalition will stand by it. Iran and China’s agression will not be allowed to continue”.

General Barksalov of the Irani Republican guard responded to this statement with the following.

“Kosh’Ne Cat and his Imperialist masters would have you believe we are the agressors here, but let us remember it was they whom attakced our patrols. It was they whom invaded soverign Irani Islands with their false claims of ‘liberation’. We will not bow down or roll on our backs for belly rubs to this agression and with my Chinese and Pakistani friends now coming to our aide we will not. Indeed we will push the Infidels from our region.”

No matter whom you wish to believe it is clear that there is little sign of the conflict slowing at any point in the short term.

At the same time a massive armoured battle broke out at the Southern Airfield of Al-Alin were at least 2 tank platoons from each side came into contact. While Coalition M1A2’s, Leopards and Challengers put up a good defence the joint Chinese, Irani and some reports say Russian attack devistated the coalition forces in the area. Leaving the Airfield firmly in the control of the agressors.

At last count casualities from the fighting in the area are in the 90 – 400 count.

The UN has called on both sides to come to the table, even as a number of countries have raised concerns about alleged violations of the Rules of War, including indiscriminate use of Cluster Munitions in populated regions and the destruction of places of worship, teaching and even hospitals

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