CNN Persia. Iran attacks Qeshm in attempt to retake it’s territory. (20-10-2020)

Oct 25 Christine Graham  
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In a daring assault today Irani forces once again pushed on Qeshm destroying several marine platoons stationed at it’s defence, after the loss of their Armour forces, a sustained Artilary Barrage was conducted in an attempt to render the Airfield inoperative for Coalition Force use.

General Barksalov whom had a local camera crew present at one of the arty strikes. (See supplied Image). Had this to say.

“We will not stand for these Capitalist pigs to hold our friends territory.. If we must bomb it back to gravel and rebuild to remove them and their cat piss stench we will do so!, You should have seen the Fear in the pilots on the grounds eyes when we hit them with our Artillery Shells, it is a shame they where not still there when we launched this second attack.”

Coalition Military commander Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat was too busy to give a press statement at this time but an Aide reported that they where hardly intimidated by a old pitbulls bark.

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