CNN Persia: Fujairah Liberated?

Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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After almost a week of hard fighting, coalition commanders are reporting that they have successfully pushed the Irani, China, Pakistani coalition forces from the town of Fujairah with eye witness reports claiming to have witnessed troops falling ‘back’ from positions and heading north.

Coalition commander Admiral Kosh Ne’Cat held a short conference from the ceiling of the USS Washington speaking down to those below..

“I can confirm the reports today that coalition forces successfully pushed in and took the airfield from those occupying it, this will let us move forwards with our operations. These blatant acts of aggression, the invasion of a sovereign nation and ally will not be allowed to stand, I have orders from the President to begin strategic and tactical strikes against targets in Iran in the hope to bring them to the negotiation table.”

From Persia, this is Kitty Purrs a lot.

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