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Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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UAE expresses concern after finding unspent munitions in city and children’s playgrounds

The UAE has formally expressed concerns to the Coalition after a number of incidents in the recaptured parts of Dubai over the past week. A shockingly large number of undetonated Cluster munition cans have been found with at least 5 incidents of either death to minors or in one case 21 children wounded when an Anti-personnel round exploded in a playground after being picked up.

The UAE Ambassador had the following to say.

“We understand that War is not ‘nice’, but we must request our coalition partners refrain from the use of such barbaric weapons in civilian regions. Littering towns with Cluster Munitions is not safe, they are indiscriminate and outlawed by the United Nations for a reason. “

At this time Coalition command had no comment.

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