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Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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After days of intense fighting and Allied Air missions, coalition forces have successfully began to push the Irani invasion of the UAE back from the bleak outlook that had set in as they retook the city and airfield of Abu Dhabi, creating a new front line that now gives them 15nm breathing space at the shortest line and almost 35nm in the south.

At the same time, an Armoured push to retake the southern city of Al Ain was blunted by the Irani’s leaving much of the area burning from the intense conflict.

At the same time, Coalition forces continue to struggle to maintain air superiority over their own territory, with rumours that a new Hawk Site went online today at reclaimed airfields, with so many already dead this conflict only continues to heat up.

From Al-Bateen this is Kitty Purrs Alot.

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