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May 13 Christine Graham  
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After a week and four day of heavy fighting Coalitions forces today retook the city of Fujairah from the Chinese invasion force however casualities were high on both sides with the 43rd Armoured division suffering almost a complete loss of 3 companies and the 33rd Infantry regiment loosing at least one full company. US air losses are also reported to have been significant with current counts over the course of the battles of Al Ain and Fujairiah being 14 A-10C Warthogs, 8 F-18C Hornets and at least 9 Helicopters of various sorts.

Chinese losses include a full Regimental Combat team at Fujahira and at least 1 mixed division at Al Ain, 8 Attack helicopters and 3 naval vessels.

Currently medical aide and relief services are moving to help with the devistation caused by the fighting with current estimates of at least 5,000 homeless after the destruction of buildings from naval tomahawk strikes and air bombings. The UN has also launched investigations into the use of Cluster Munitiions in the region.

From Fujairiah

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