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May 13 Christine Graham  
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General Wu’Loping the commanding officer of the Chinese forces in the Gulf was reported today in the Global Press as having published this statement in China.

“My fellow citizens, the capilists think that they have won a great victory in the retaking of a city that we sent.. But a single tank squad and a dozen troops to take from them. They are fools, we shall make them bleed for their two remaining cities, even as our Irani Allies push to retake what is theirs.

For too long they have thrown their weight around, thinking that the world wants their catnip and their fool toys. No more, the Dragon is awake and we will remind the world why one did not wish to wake us”

Admiral Kosh Ne’Cat was asked for comment and the following was issued.

“We are not interested in Loping’s retorick or his stuttering shimmering ways of flowery talk, we are focused on the liberation of our UAE brothers cities and of course the liberation and restoration of a free and democratic Iran”

When it was pointed out to the Admiral that Iran was previously a monarchy he gave a sofot purring laugh and said “Perhaps but it will become a FREE DEMOCRATIC society, one were Pizza cats rule and women can wear skimpy outfits”.

from Persia this is KittyPursalot.

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