CNN News Report, Coalition pushed back? More marines dead, how long will the public support for this war continue?

Oct 16 Christine Graham  
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In a series of shock turn arounds the coalition forces pushing into Iran suffered several setbacks in the past 24 hours, with the loss of their tenuous hold on the Irani Mainland, when Republican Guard forces pushed to retake Havadarya, Bandar Abbas and sweep along the coast line. At the same time we have been told Marines stationed on Sirri Island, the Island that was captured at the start of the conflict have fallen out of conflict with Irani Radio Signal being detected from the Airfield highly suggesting that this vital supply point has fallen back into Irani hands.

Coalition commander Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat refused to comment on the events citing OPSEC, however sources say that coalition forces have suffered numerous setbacks and the next 24-72 hours could be vitally crucial to the planned invasion.

For the Cat News Network from the Persian Gulf this is Purrisa Merowls.

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