CNN News from the Persian Gulf. Iran suffering major losses. (26-9-2020)

Sep 27 Christine Graham  
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Over the past week Iran has suffered several major setbacks as it lost control of it’s gulf islands to the US led coalition and suffered several large setbacks along the coast line to prowling A10C’s. While unconfirmed rumors out of Russia from informants, have said that a shortage of fighters has begun after the large amount recently ordered and Admiral Kosh Ne’Cat was confirmed as reporting that Coalition intelligence reported the same and that he expects in the coming days for it to take much longer for Iran to receive new aircraft to replace their losses. However he has stressed that Coalition forces must keep up their guard as they begin to mass forces to invade Iran itself. When asked what was currently holding back this invasion he said that there were still some partisans on Qeshm Island that had them worried.

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