CNN News from the Persian Gulf. Iran Capitulated on losing Lars Airbase. (03-10-2020)

Oct 14 Christine Graham  
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In a daring joint raid by A-10C’s, UH1’s and a F18 today Coalition forces took Lars airbase, decimating the Irani Guard and laying open the route to the Irani heartland. In response General Barksalov today issued an unconditional surrender to the Coalition .. right as a massive storm appeared above the Persian Gulf region.. EMP has disrupted communications however we have been told that the situation appears to have … ground hog’d day back one month and 4 days…. We will keep you pos……… *Squeeels*

This is Janus R Purrs from the Persian Gulf where things appear to be heating up, Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat was at a press conference just moments ago to inform locals that a joint coalition task force is demanding Iran open itself to inspectors after several attacks against neutral Oil tankers took place.

General Barksalov a Russian advisor whom arrived in the region has said that he will not allow Iran to fall to Coalition forces.

This reporter has a server case of De’Ja’Vu.

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