CNN News From the Persian Gulf. Cursed Pride of the Russian Fleet and it’s Battlegroup sunk. (26-9-2020)

Sep 27 Christine Graham  
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Reports in today say that the Admiral Kuznetsov and it’s battlegroup were sunk in a series of daring raids by Coalition forces giving the US Battlegroups control of the Persian Gulf at this time. While we are still awaiting confirmation from Admiral Kosh Ne’Cat on the actual losses suffered by Coalition assets, rumor has it that the raids consisted of an A10C, Several F18’s, an antiquated Viggen and possibly a JF17. Civilian tankers in the area report that they witnessed the A10C fly into the area unharassed possibly acting as a recon bird or waiting before a sudden launch from US Naval forces seemed to upset the state of play, causing the Russian forces to rapidly ramp up their ‘please remain clear of our fleet’ messages to say hello to small power poles. Pictures taken from the tankers clearly show what experts claim is that same Hawg, wild weaseling for almost 5 minutes with a full ordence load on while the strike package got into place before a missile finally claimed it’s life.

The same engagement saw the Moscow class Guided Missile Cruiser in the fleet take severe damage from bombs dropped from F18’s along with harpoon strikes from the afore mentioned coalition naval task group. We do know that the Admiral Kuznetsov itself was attacked by multiple Harpoon missiles launched from F18’s and outdated but effective Swedish antiship missiles. One witness claims to have also seen Chinese made antiship missiles impact the craft.

Either way the loss of the group will no doubt be costly both in lives and material with the Kuznetsov itself estimated to be worth almost 1.8 Billion USD.

Live from the Persian Gulf this is Cat News Network.

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