CNN News from the Persian Gulf. Coalition Forces launch assault on Gulf Islands (04-10-2020)

Oct 14 Christine Graham  
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In response to repeated speedboat assaults against coalition shipping in the gulf under UN resolution 14991-201931 or something like that Coalition Joint Task Group Warrior launched a combined assault on the Irani Islands of Sirri and Abu Musa last night. Reports currently state that at least 3 Huey’s, 3 A10’s and an Antiquated piece of.. I mean a Viggen was lost during the fighting along with unknown numbers of Hornets. However Sirri Island and Abu Musa are for the moment in Coalition Hands.

Irani Defence commander General Barksalov issued a statement just moments ago with the following.

“We call on the UN to revoke this illegal order, at no time have our ships attacked unprovoked nor our fighters. We have responded only to our own sovereign borders being violated and attacked. Clearly the United States and it’s puppets in the British and Australian military forces are the aggressors here as they have invaded our territory. Let us be clear we will not stand for this and the full might of the Irani People will come to bear against the invaders. Should the United States not pull it’s forces out of our Islands by midnight we will use all weapons at our disposal against any country that harbours these terrorists.”

The statement has caused some concern amongst politicians whom fear nuclear weapons might be used, however Admiral Kosh’Ne Cat the UN appointed commander in the region assured people today that Iran does not have access to Nuclear weapons, but pointed out it has considerable SCUD capability with Biological and Chemical capability. At this time we have been informed that Patriot sites are being set up along the UAE to protect against such devices, however some have questioned a software update that might impact their ability to track high altitude targets.

From the Persian Gulf this is Janus R Purrs Reporting.

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