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Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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Admiral Kosh Ne Cat was rushed to hospital, his current outlook is unknown.

Coalition Command released a brief statement today confirming rumours that Admiral Kosh Ne Cat was rushed to the hospital this morning. The spokesperson declined to comment on the actual reason stating that the highly trained medical personnel were still investigating.

Some have pointed the finger at Iran and Russia, especially Kosh Ne’Cats long time rival General Barksalov, however, the Russian General issued his own statement shortly after hearing of the hospitalisation.

“I wish my long term Rival a swift recovery, while we might not always see Bark to Meow the furry one has at least shown honour in our battles.”

The members of the Coalition Task Group Warrior have also extended their best wishes to their sick Commander, and hope for a speedy recovery, we understand that Warrior 1-1 is currently on a Leave of Absence while awaiting news on his close friend.

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