Breaking News – Conflict erupts in the Persian Gulf. (29-8-2020)

Sep 27 Christine Graham  
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In the last 24 hours conflict has erupted in the Persian Gulf after a Pakistani JF17 on exchange with Iran was fired on unproved by a patriot missile system, the conflict has rapidly escalated in the hours since as Irani forces moved to capture the location of the launcher after the US denied the attack.
In response Coalition forces have been conducting heavy operations in and around Irani bases, independent reports on both sides of the conflict say that losses so far have been moderate on both sides with confirmed reports of both fixed and rotary wing types.

Admiral Kosh Ne’Cat the commander in charge of Coalition forces in the region had this to say in a statement made a short while ago.
“Let me be clear on some facts despite what Barksalov and his Irani conspirators might wish you to believe. First our Patriot only opened fire after the JF17 in question violated our No fly zones, and was on an attack vector, indeed it caused considerable losses to our people at Khasab, a prelude we believe to the invasion that they launched 12 hours later. We will however not stand for this aggression, already my best claws are working on neutering the Irani attack and returning Khasab to the Omani people before we will push into Iran and remove their ability to wage war.”

When asked for a response General Barksalov made the following statement.
“We categorically deny that the JF17 was in their airspace, it was clearly shot at in international waters. Not that it matters, I mean have you seen the incompetence of Kosh Ne’Cats forces? They attack our SA2’s .. and only hit the radars! Ha and then wonder why in 6 – 24 hours it’s back again.. Fools, we can buy new radars for a few barrels of oil. Make no mistake though if Coalition forces continue their aggression we will continue ours.”

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