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Aug 05 Christine Graham  
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Intercepted transmission from the headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Forces “With Satan’s coalition now holding LAR and putting our women and children to the sword, we vow to reap Allah’s vengeance and retribution onto the trespasser and drive them back into the sea. While General Myoclonimani is away on an Infidel study tour standing on a plank in the snow, the spear of the prophet will be carried aloft by General Spademani who will lead our forces to a glorious victory. We are confident that we will drive these abominations back to their sin-infested wasteland of a country and then strike them there for their evil”

It is expected that sometime in the next 24 hours Iranian forces recently resupplied by both Russia and China will counterstrike either towards LAR, south of LAR, or west from Bandar Abbas. Reinforcement numbers are indeterminant however expect medium and short-range SAM thread coupled with short-range AAA and company size amour.

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